Reasons Why Your Jewelry Looks Cheap

Reasons Why Your Jewelry Looks Cheap

I have to say, sometimes I look at my jewelry and start thinking „why would I ever buy a piece like that“ or „who tricked me into buying this“. No matter how hard I try to be on top of the trend when it comes to jewelry and accessories, I always seem to miss something and to buy things that don‘t look like they came from a magazine cover, but rather cheap and plastic looking jewelry. If you have the same problem like me and your jewelry looks cheap even when it‘s not, here are some of the main reasons:

1. When I was little, I loved buying all these necklaces and earrings with Hello Kitty or hearts, flowers and rainbows on them. Today, I still have one or two pieces from that time, but I keep them mostly for the memories, not to wear them outside. If you are a 20-year-old woman who still wears a plastic ring in the shape of a heart, you need to stop right now and rethink your sense of style!

2. It‘s too cheesy

That‘s also something we all did when we were little – buying friendship necklaces and wearing the one half like it was some sort of a medal. Now, if I see a grown woman with a best friend necklace, I would be confused what year is it and would probably take her to the nearest store to choose some other sort of in style jewelry.

3. It‘s too shiny

Yes, jewelry is shiny, but at some point it becomes just funny. Many affordable brands choose to make their pieces extra shiny thinking that the customer won‘t realize how it is in reality. And some people really don‘t find out, but there are people like me who would advise you to stay away from very shiny pieces and go for something more subtle and elegant that won‘t scream „cheap“ to you.

4. It‘s too light

When browsing for jewelry, you mustn‘t forget that expensive jewelry is heavier and it not only feels that way, but it look heavier, too. If you are going to buy something on the expensive side, be sure that it‘s heavy enough for its size and materials and you‘re not being scammed.

5. It‘s too face

When buying jewelry, you should now that it‘s not a good sign when the crystals are from plastic and you can see where the glue went out from the hole. Real crystals aren‘t that transparent, they‘re shinier, heavier and more crystal looking than the face plastic ones. This can be easily seen when you put two pieces together – a real and a fake one, and see the innumerable differences. Se sure to check that when buying something with crystals!

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