Red and black Ombre lips

Red and black Ombre lips

Ombre hair was a huge success in the fashion world. It started, of course, in Hollywood. This is a technique in which the color fades from light to dark or the other way round. In the past, before the birth of this new trend, roots with different color from the rest of the hair were considered unkempt. Nowadays the story is a whole different. If a woman has ombre hair, she is stylish.

The word “ombre” comes from French and means “shade, shadow, darkness”. Even though it started with the hair now it became so popular that it is now taking over other parts of our bodies.

It infected even the nail polishes and lip colors.

Here is a bold ombre lip makeup in just a few steps. It is perfect for all the red-and-black lovers and for a night out.

First, use a red pencil and outline your lips. Follow the contours of your lips but if you want you can make them bigger drawing them a bit out of the lines. Choose a color that is close to the color of the lipstick. When you reach the corners of the lips elongate them a little. That will help you later when you will be applying the darker shade.

Apply the red lipstick. And now you have beautiful full red lips. So, let’s move to the essential part – the ombre.

Use a lip liner in very dark red color. Apply it in the corners of your lips with small strokes, moving the liner back and forth in the direction of the center. But be careful not to extend that line too much. Inn order to achieve the ombre effect make the darker shade fade by blending, in the corners of the lips it should be darkest and moving towards the center – lightest. That way to your lips will be added definition because of the darker contour in the corners and your lips will look fuller and juicier because of the slightly softer shade in the center.

Now you can match the ombre hair with ombre lips. Enjoy!


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