Remove Your Makeup Properly

Remove Your Makeup Properly

Let’s learn how to take good care of our skin. If we want a flawless canvas for the gorgeous makeup tricks that we’ve learned, we have to know how to properly remove the makeup from the face. Let’s start with the basic steps and then we will run through the tutorial step by step.

Try to create a habit of face cleaning. Wash your face with cold water every morning and every night. The cold water will tighten the skin, close the pores and remove any dirt and the skin oil, which often clogs the pores, which is one of the reasons for causing blackheads.

Washing face – check.

Let’s remove the makeup and let the skin be fresh and clean.

The eyes. You’d better use makeup remover that is specifically created for the eye area, because of the fragile place. Use soft cotton ball and the eye makeup remover to erase the shadow, liner and mascara.

The skin. There is one really easy trick for removing the makeup well right from the deepest pores – steam them. Place a soft, thin towel over the face and hold it over a bowl of hot, steaming water. You can boil some if needed. The steam will open the pores and the cleanser will remove the dirt and the makeup directly from them.

You have to work quickly now. After the pores are steamed and open, clean the face with a makeup cleanser. Then wash your face with ice cold water in order to close the pores,  you don’t want enlarged pores, right?

Remove dark lipstick with a petrolatum jelly. Rub and wipe with a tissue.

Use a cotton swab to remove the leftovers from the eyes. It’s normal to have some mascara or eyeliner stains around the eyes after the steaming and the cleaning. Use a cotton swab dampen into eye makeup remover. Wash the face again with cold water.

After that procedure of makeup removing your skin will be dry and irritated. Apply light moisturizer in order to soothe it.

Done! Your face is clean and the skin is able to breathe freely.

Another advice. Don’t ever, EVER, fall asleep with a makeup on your face. I don’t care how tire you are, clean your face before going to bed, otherwise you will end up with juice pimples on your face the next afternoon. And that’s not all, your skin may get serious problems, like a constant acne problem. Do you want to damage that silky soft skin because of laziness?

Well, that came up like an inhibition, but it’s really important. I am really afraid of these bacterias that are able to ruin the beautiful and flawless skin just over a night, so be careful.


Image :  rangizzz Fotolia

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