Say Goodbye To Your Belly Fat
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Say Goodbye To Your Belly Fat

I know that you raised it all winter, but now it is time  to say goodbye to your precious belly fat. The summer is here and you will feel the urge to wear short blouses, crop tops and tight dresses, and the belly fat is not a flattering match to the low waist jeans and the crop top outfit. Down below  you will find some tips and rules for burning belly fat. Take a look:

  • The trick is to stay on track always. Keep moving and the belly fat will melt down sooner than you think. Just choose an activity that increases your heart beat, like jogging, biking, swimming, dancing, fighting, jumping, etc. Find your thing and follow it. There is a research which shows that a 12 miles per week jogging will melt your belly fat fast and effectively.
  • One of the main products in your meals must be protein. This ingredient is famous for its quality to slim you down. So, let’s see the science explanation: as you get older, the body produces more insulin, which responsible for fat storage and the protein keeps the insulin produce in good levels. You can find the protein in chicken meat, eggs, nuts, powder, etc.
  • There are good fats and these good fats can make your belly slim and flatten. It is proven that the polyunsaturated fats make you gain more muscle mass and less body fat. You can find the polyunsaturated fat in nuts, seeds and fish. I bet that the salmon will become one of your favorite meals.
  • One ingredient that will surprise you in its belly-fat-burning qualities is the vinegar. Another research shows that people who take one or two tablespoons of vinegar per day, after 8 weeks, tend to have lower body fat storage. The explanation leads to protein again – the acetic acids in the vinegar produces proteins which successfully burn fat.
  • We mentioned already that the cardio workouts are great for burning belly fat, but other sports are great too, like the Yoga for instance. The explanation is simple again – the yoga reduces the stress, which means that the stress hormone cortisol (which can cause belly fat buildups) is reduced to minimum. If we follow that logic, any kind of relaxing activity will help you handle the belly fat.
  • Healthy sleeping is also one of the factors for good health and fit body. 5 hours per night are not nearly enough to achieve the results your want.
  • But the healthy sleep don’t mean that you have to sleep as long as you can on the weekends. In fact, if you have nice falling asleep and waking up routine, you will start to notice that the belly is a little bit tighter than it used to be.
  • Green tea must become one of the most famous drinks in your daily routine. Another study shows that people who drink green tea during abdominal exercises shows better results on losing belly fat than the ones who doesn’t drink green tea. Try to drink at least 500 ml green tea per day.
  • Fiber it the key of success. Not only that you will feel better, because your metabolism will fasten, but also, you will notice that the jeans began a little bit loose at the belt area. Fibers can be found in oatmeal, apple, green peas, pinto beans, and other.


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