Signs That You Are Wearing the Wrong Bra

Signs That You Are Wearing the Wrong Bra

The art of choosing the right bra is definitely one that we all need to master, but it is far too complicated in practice. We all know the basics, but do we really think about every little detail? Even though you can try it out in the store and think it is an incredible option, just on the next wear you might realize that the purchase was a complete mistake. When it comes to underwear (hate this word, but that’s what it is!), you should not make compromises and feel as comfortable as possible.  Take a look at what you need to consider when buying the perfect bra:

  • Is the cup a perfect fit? – Is there overflow happening? Or is there a little space left? Try as many bras as possible, but choose the onethat actually fits. You do not want to end up with a weird-looking effect when wearing a tighter blouse!
  • Is there anything that is just too tight? – If the straps leave red marks and cannot be modified or if the underwire is just a little too tight, don’t wait for the first laundry, hoping it will loosen up. All of the bra components need to fit perfectly, without being a painful annoyance.
  • The fabric between the cups? – Yes, that part is important too. It needs to lie completely smooth on your skin. If it is a little too tight, go a size up, and the other way around.
  • The bra’s existence needs to be left unnoticed – What we mean is that it should not be felt while being worn. If you are constantly reminded it is there, maybe that is not your perfect fit. That sounds like a hard thing to realize while you are in the store, but with time you will figure out which types or even brands will provide you with the best options.
  • Is it hard to breathe? – While you are in the changing room, take a few very deep breaths. If all is ok, than it is a good fit. If not, either go for a size up, or just pick another one.
  • Is the band on the back parallel to the ground? – The back strap of the bra should be in a horizontal line. It needs to stay like that, so do a few weird movements while in the changing room. If the band is riding up, you either need to tighten the straps or move up a cup size.

Hopefully, these tips will help you out next time you go out bra shopping! Remember: even though you might want to impress with luxurious lingerie, it needs to be comfortable first, so that your confidence is at a maximum level!

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