Snowflake Nail Art

Snowflake Nail Art

Winter is not for everyone. But for those who love it it is filled with great emotions and fulfillment when there is snow. For winter lovers and especially the people that skii and ride snowboards there is nothing better than winter wonderland filled with snow. For us girls, no matter how much we are into the winter, we always have to look good and fashionable. That includes every part of the year.

Not everyone loves winter and snow, but everyone loves Christmas spirit. And it is kind of brought by the snow, because ‘How will Santa come if there is no snow?’. So a great inspirational idea for a Christmasy and wintery mood is to incorporate it in your nail art. Here is a tutorial for snow manicure.

  1. Start by already having a base color that is applied and dry. Here we tried out a natural nude color, but you can use any. And actually red might look good too.

  2. Draw a dot at the center of your nail.

  3. As shown on the picture draw two vertical lines. One up the two and one down of it. Then apply three smaller dots on each side of the center one.

  4. Continue by making four more liner. Each one of the should be between the small dots and one of the first two vertical lines you already drew.

  5. To make those loads of lines you are drew look like a snowflake, just make smaller lines across them (two for each line), so that theyt look like what you see in picture 5.

  6. Lastly draw a dot ot the end ot each line, so that you will outline the snowflake.

And there you go. You have now got your winter wonderland manicure to bring you Christmas spirit. Try it out in whichever colors you like and want.

Enjoy Christmas and New Year’s!


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