Some Diets Don’t Work

Some Diets Don’t Work

Sometimes it just doesn’t work. I’m talking about your desire to lose weight.

It is a well known fact that if you want to lose weight you have to follow a diet plan and exercise routine.

I know people (it happened to me as well) that give their best in order to loose weight – they exercise 5 times per week and follow a strict and low-calorie diet plan, but the horror is that they don’t lose a single pound, even after months of hard work. How is this even possible?!

It is possible when the the diet doesn’t work on you. The important thing is to stop blaming yourself. It is not your fault that your body is still fat, the blame comes to the diet. How does it work?

Most of the diets that claim to make you look thinner don’t work because they trick your body in a bad way with the small amount of calories. The body actually thinks that it’s starving, because you are putting it under stress. For instance, if your body is used to take 3000 calories per day and when you cut them to 1200 calories per day with the harsh diet, the brain tricks that body that it is starving and when the body thinks it is starving, it starts to store all the food that you take into fat ‘bank accounts’ which it can use the next time you put it under the ‘stress’ of not having so much calories.

The trick is to start the change slowly. Let’s take the example with the 3000 calories again. Cut around 200-400 calories per day for a week and the next week cut another 200 calories. This will help you teach the body that it doesn’t starve. Also, be careful with the foods and how you count the calories. For instance, 3 tablespoons of honey will give you a lot of calories, about 200, but it is absolutely fat free.

There is another problematic moment about the strict diets. They mess up your emotional condition, which can easily lead to overeating or quiting the whole weight-loss routine you have created until now. Dieting makes you irritable, depressed , bored and anxious – all of them can make you break down and reach to the ‘forbidden drawer’ in your kitchen.

I know it is hard, but I will give you some guides to show you the path of your success:

  • Don’t eat when you are hungry. It is late already. You have to learn to eat at the same time every day. Otherwise the body will be stressed and I already explained you what happens when the body is stressed.
  • Don’t think about your meal plan as a diet. It is wrong. It is not a diet, it is a regime.
  • Learn how your body is reacting yo certain foods. Some foods are great for your mom, but not for you – learn the difference and soon you will see results.

And if you combine the food regime with proper physical exercises, you will see the difference in less than a month.

Eat well, stay active!




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