Special Hairstyle for Your Special Day

Special Hairstyle for Your Special Day

Some brides-to-be don’t have the luck to have their look all done by professionals, some of them try to cut the budget as possible as they can in order to have some extra money for the honey moon vacation, which seems so to be the better decision in my opinion. One day, I will do the exact same thing. With all the tutorials for nail art, makeup and hairstyles it is absolutely possible to learn yourself on some techniques and you will be capable of preparing your appearance all by yourself, which will save you a lot of money.

Today I will show you an idea for a wedding hairstyle. But don’t get sad if you are a little bit far away from the wedding day, this hairstyle can be adjusted to any formal occasion you have scheduled in your calendar. Check it out:

  • Divide your hair in two sections – top and bottom. Make them equal.
  • Tie the bottom section into a low ponytail. Back-comb the tail to make it fluffy and huge.
  • Roll the teased tail upwards to the hair band. Then secure the bun with bobby pins, under the hair band.
  • Take a small section of hair from the top part of hair and make a regular, thick braid. Set aside, you will need it later.
  • Now we will start to work on the top part of hair. Apply the back-combing technique again in order to create a volume at the crown area of the hair. Twist the tail of that section around the bun, as a frame.
  • Then take the braid and attach it to the other side of the head – create a head band out of that braid. Secure with bobby pin under the layer of the hair.
  • Prevent any flying hairs by spritzing the hair with a little bit of hair spray.

All done! Now move on with the makeup and the nail art and you will be the most beautiful bride in the world!

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