Spice Up Your French Tips

Spice Up Your French Tips

I adore the french style of nail art. Thick or thin white lines, it doesn’t matter. This nail art is stylish and fancy. And after a while I even learn how to do it on my own. It’s not difficult at all and there are some tricks and tips that will ease your job.

I always want to hide the grown part of the nail, and especially the border where the nail leaves the quick under the fingernail.

The easiest way to paint your french tip lines is to stick some oval tape or to buy special tape strips for this style of nail art. Stick one piece of tape on every nail, just below the border of the outgrown nail. The tape strips will be your guidelines.

Remember to apply base on your nails, some transparent nail polish or cream, nude one. Let it dry completely.

After the tape strips are in place, paint the gaps with white nail polish. Add another layer if you are not satisfied with the coverage of the nail polish. Wait a few seconds and remove really carefully the tape strips, from the right to the left side (or the other way around). Just don’t remove them from the bottom to the top. Wait the tips to dry completely.

You can leave the nail art this way or you can spice it up a little bit. Sometimes the glitter is a great idea.

Add a thin line of silver glitter nail polish under the white line. You see how fancy it gets?

Enjoy and stay tuned for more great ideas and tips!


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