Stay Away From These Holiday Foods 

Stay Away From These Holiday Foods 

There are certain Holiday foods that bring you way more calories than others. And if you want to save the results from two months sweating in the gym, you have to put some limits on your food intake and not just any food intake, in general, but specific meals. I’m not suggesting to not eat them at all, because that is impossible, but try to eat smaller servings of them. Check them out:

Wine. Two glasses of wine will cost you about 246 calories. It doesn’t sound too much, but when you match two glasses of wine with the rest of the dinner, for sure you will pass through the daily appropriate limit of calorie intake.

Potato pancakes. These tasty, deep-fried potato shreds will put inside your body about 250 calories per serving. The worst part is that you won’t be able to limit yourself eat just one serving, so you’d better stay potato-pancake-free than potato-pancake-stuffed.

Creamed spinach. You’d say that it’s green and when it’s green, it’s healthy and weight-friendly. Well, this time it’s a little bit different. The spinach itself is great, but the problem is that you won’t eat it baked or just stewed, you are eating it with a lot of cream cheese, which is full of fat – weight-unfriendly ingredient.

Turkey leg. When the hostess asks you if you have some preferences about the meat of the Turkey, you’d better pick up the breast meat, because it has about 212 calories, while the leg has 334. The difference is not huge, but you know that there is a stuffing that is coming out of the turkey, and the glass of wine… You just have reduce the levels of calorie intake in every layer of food during the holiday dinners.

Homemade gravy. It’s not only the main meal that is fatty, but also the gravy is one of the things to be careful with it. It is made of butter, meat fat, flour and spices and the calories that it has about 375.

Sweet potatoes casserole. A serving of 200 grams will bring you about 400 calories. You do the math.

Mashed potatoes. The 430 calories per serving of this tasty garnish should a warning enough for you that the holiday dinner will make you wear your sweatpants.

Donuts. Not only you should forget about the dessert, but also you must forbid yourself eating donuts or cookies meanwhile. One donut will cost you 450 calories and two cookies – 480 calories. Just be careful.

Pecan pie. You heard my opinion about the desserts. This one is even worse – 503 calories per piece of the pie.

Caramel popcorn. Here comes the fancy snack. It is so fancy that you’ll have to spend 590 calories for this one.

Eggnog. One quart of that heavenly beverage has 838 calories.

After all, it’s a holiday, don’t be too strict and precise. Just have fun!

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