Step By Step Tutorial For Fishtail Braid

Step By Step Tutorial For Fishtail Braid

Sometimes even the most simple things require skills to be prepared in a perfect way. For instance, my sister has extremely long and thick hair and she loves messy buns. But her hair is straight and shiny and her messy buns look like she just came out of the beauty salon where the hair stylist were trying to create a Red carpet design with her hair. In order to make a messy bun she spends the same amount of time as she would spend when she is making a sophisticated hairstyle.

The same rule applies for the fishtail braid. It won’t take you as much time as the regular braid would, but you have to be careful and dedicated to the cause. Let me show you a tutorial that will help you achieve a perfect result with the fishtail braid. Just follow the steps:

  • Brush the hair to the back and don’t worry about the texture of the hair. As long as it is semi-straight and wavy, the result will be great. But if your hair is too curly, don’t expect to get the same result as the one in the picture down below.

  • Now part the hair as you are going to tie it into a half updo – from ear to ear, but don’t tie it.

  • Divide this section into two parts.

  • Take a section of hair from the one under the two-part section and start splitting the hair with these three sections.

  • Then add the rest of the hair as a fourth section and keep splitting the hair.

  • Pull the strands tightly in order to create a tight braid, obviously.

  • Keep splitting until you reach the end of the hair. Secure it with a hair band.

  • Done!

low fishtail braid

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