Stop Making Moisturizer Mistakes!

Stop Making Moisturizer Mistakes!

In order to have a glowing and healthy skin, that just adds up to your beauty, you have to take very good care of your face and body. That is all hidden in the ‘art’ of moisturizing. As funny as that may sound, it actually is important to follow some simple steps and rules, instead of making tons and tons of mistakes, that later you will regret, because your skin will be dried out or aging way too fast.
People don’t really think about how, when or why do they apply moisturizer. First of all the most important thing is to find the right product for your face and then for your body. The face is one of the most exposed parts of our bodies, so we need to take good care of it. Our face creams should be very suitable to our skin type and hypoallergenic. And as for our beautiful bodies, well you will see – we tend to often miss a thing or two about the way we treat them.

So are you making those mistakes?

You are  only moisturizing once a day
So in the morning do you put moisturizer on your face? And in the evening when you take off your make up? Most women actually do that only once a day depending on how they feel either the morning or the night. And that is not the right way! You should definitely apply a moisturizer in the morning and then in the evening a night cream. This will keep your skin away from dryness and will give you a beautiful glow.Another common mistake that people do – take two or more showers a day, but apply lotion only once. Well, guess what – you should to it every time! After a hot shower your skin dries out and you need the extra moisture. Keep that in mind!

You skip some body parts
I don’t know why most people apply moisturizing lotions after a shower only to their legs and arms. And what do you think that your tummy or back, doesn’t need softness or isn’t exposed to outer elements that dry it out? Well you are wrong! You should never skip any part of the body when moisturizing. And soon enough after you start applying product to your whole body you will notice the difference!

You dry yourself completely after a shower
Another common belief is that you should totally dry yourself before applying moisturizer. Well, another thing that is not true. If you just pat dry a little and then apply the product of your choice, actually the last drops of water will help your skin to lock the hydrant better. So it’s better to do it that way, since your skin will feel soft for way longer.

You apply product only when your skin is scaly
Moisturizing is not about bad times and good times of the skin. It is about taking good care of your body. Many people go to their moisturizer only when they skin is too dry and is not feeling or looking good. And believe me girls, this actually happens exactly because you don’t use a product every day. Have in mind that prevention and care are way better, than just waiting for your skin to be in a bad condition, because repairing may seem easy, but it is not.

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