Strong Relationships With Your Family Members

Strong Relationships With Your Family Members

The family is the most important group of people in your life. At first, the most important people in your life will be your parents and your siblings, then you will create your own family and they will become your most important people. This means that you must take care of the relationships with your children and your spouse in order to create a good environment for them to think that they are placed in the best group of people in this world – their family.

In this article I will try to give you some ideas for spending some quality time with your kids. It doesn’t matter how old are your kids or do you even have kids right now, but these ideas will serve you during a lifetime, they won’t become out-of-date, because a good relationship lasts forever, it is not an operation system for your phone that needs to upgrade one more time. So, here are the little things that make the big things happen:

  • Small road trips. Whenever you go to the store or to do some kind of daily task, take your children or at least one of them. This is important for them to learn how the things work and also you will have at least 10-15 minutes to spend with them without the buzz in the house. Keep in mind also that the children adore the trips, no matter how small they are. Don’t leave the kids at home only because you are in a hurry, be patient. The time you’ve decided to have kids you’ve made a deal with the universe that you have to be more patient from now on, so, perform your duties to the universe.
  • Make your relationship unique. Try to come up with nicknames of your children. These would be the names that are known only at home. Everybody knows the names of your children and they use them, but only you will know their nicknames and when your children hear their nicknames, they will safe and loved at home with you. Your children must be reminded that they are special for you and that you love them all equally.
  • Stay interested in your kids business. No matter how absurd are their ideas, you must know what is going on in their lives and how they react to things, how they think and what is their opinion about common subjects. What they like to read, ask them about their favorite games and their favorite characters. Simply – stay interested in them.


Glückliche Familie im Restaurant prostet sich mit den Gläsern zu

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               One, simple rule – Dinner together. I remember how my father wanted us to have a dinner together every single night and when I was a  teenage girl I was furious about it, because I wanted to have dinner with my friends. But today I understand how important it is to eat with your family. And one day, I will have the same rule in my family too.

  • Family trips. There is a huge list of family activities that include all the members of the family – camping, skiing, hiking, riding bikes or rollers, swimming, going to parades, etc. Try to bond while having fun.
  • The kids don’t understand the importance of your job and you shouldn’t be mad about it. It’s not their job to know what you are working and how important it is. But your main job as a parent is to be available for your kids whenever they need you. So, tell them that they can call you even if you are at work, let them be calm that they can rely on you every time of the day.
  • Don’t miss their activities. Put their schedule into your own and you will never miss the searching look of your son while he tries to find you in the audience.
  • Learn how to play their games and play with them.

If you show your children that you love them,  you will give good people to this world!

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