Sun Protection – The Time Has Come

Sun Protection – The Time Has Come

I know that it looks a little bit early to talk about sun protection, but it’s not early at all. And don’t make me start the topic of sun protection during the whole year, because I have a lot to say, especially when I’m mad about the fact that you neglect that rule and you expose your skin unprotected which can lead to very serious and bad results. So, just buy a day cream with a small factor of UV protection, is it that hard?

Both the Spring and the Summer are a lot harsher with the skin when it comes to sun exposure and soon, the sun will come up and it will be the best if you take precaution before the sun rays burn and damage your gentle skin, which was covered underneath many layers of clothes, hats, scarfs, gloves, clouds, umbrellas and so on. It will be soft and easy-to-be-damaged. So, let’s prevent that:

Apply sunscreen cream every time you leave your house or your office, every time you go outside. It will be easier for you if you just buy a day cream with a sunscreen properties.

The shade of the buildings and the trees is your best friend, stick to it.

But of course, we can’t prevent every bad thing that could happen, that’s why you should know how to cure after a sunburn:

  • Destroy the fire with ice. It is highly important to reduce the heat right after you felt the sunburn (believe me, you will feel it). Take a cold shower or bath. It will be a bit unpleasant, but 2 straight minutes under the cold shower will make you feel much better afterwards. If the area is smaller, you can skip the torturing cold shower and apply a pack of ice on the damaged skin.

  • Remember to stay hydrated. Drink a lot of water. If you were all day on the beach and you forgot to take a bottle of water with you, you will feel it the next  day. So, try to compensate with 4-6 l of water per day in the next few days.

  • Aloe cream and cucumber will help you reduce the heat over the sunburned area. If you have a body lotion with aloe gel, put the tube in a bowl of ice  to make it cold and apply to the sunburnt area or just all over the body, it won’t harm you.

  • Help the healing process from the inside out by taking a good quality food which contains antioxidants and vitamins A, C and E – nuts, seeds, soy, tea, oranges, broccoli, etc.

  • Moisturize the skin regularly twice a day after the sunburn in order to prevent ugly dead skin peeling.

To sum up: just don’t get a sunburn and you will be alright. Go to the beach on the safe hours of the day – before 11 and after 16 o’clock, apply sunscreen lotion, stay under the umbrella.

The skin cancer is not a joke and you have to be really careful with the sun exposure. Just protect yourself!

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