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Inspiring Ways to Spoil Yourself

It is that time of year that we can finally catch a few days of vacation and spend time with our families. Quality time with our loved ones during the holidays are great, but they can be also slightly stressing. Free time is a luxury that everyone who studies or works a lot affords only on special occasions, so no ... Read More »

How to Use Mascara in the Best Possible Way

Maybe the most widely-used and favorite makeup product for women is precisely mascara. It provides your look with a small enhancing detail; however, its usage can go a long way. Even if you have no other eye makeup on, your eyes look more alluring with mascara on. However, even though mascara looks like it is very easy to apply, there are ... Read More »

Powder Foundation OR Liquid Foundation?

Buying cosmetics is one of the undisputed pleasures in life of almost every woman and normally she is always happy when the time comes for a new purchase. However, let’s face it – finding the right type and color of the foundation is always a challenge. And if the selection of he above is easier for some women, thos is ... Read More »

Everyday Beauty Uses for … Lemons

We are sure that you are familiar with the health benefits of this citrus fruit: the crazy amount of vitamin C can fight away even the most stubborn cold! Not to mention how healthy it is to have a warm glass of water with some fresh lemon juice in it in the morning before you start your day: it boosts ... Read More »

How to Treat Your Dyed Blonde Hair

Blond hair, don’t care: isn’t that what every girl who dyes her hair light says? There is a myth that blondes have more fun than brunettes, and even though we do not believe that, we still think that if you feel you want change, golden locks is the way to go. The good mix of applied highlights and lowlights looks ... Read More »

Pores Shrink Our Confidence

Clean and smooth skin is a prerequisite for its beauty. But not all women can make it work. Often the main enemy against which you have to fight, are pores. Such “craters” on the face appear for various reasons, including genetic predisposition, oily skin, poor quality or inappropriate cosmetics. Even poor cleaning hypoallergenic cosmetics can lead to contamination, which triggers ... Read More »

Hairstyles for Holiday Parties

As the winter holiday season approaches, our invitations to cool parties also arrive. Firms hold their Christmas banquets, friends invite you to dinner parties and, of course, the most glamorous celebration of all: New Years Eve. These events hold the great opportunity for you to dress up in all your beauty and look spectacular while snow is falling outside or temperatures ... Read More »

Remove Your Makeup Properly

Let’s learn how to take good care of our skin. If we want a flawless canvas for the gorgeous makeup tricks that we’ve learned, we have to know how to properly remove the makeup from the face. Let’s start with the basic steps and then we will run through the tutorial step by step. Try to create a habit of face ... Read More »

How to Take Care of Your Feet During the Winter

Winter is beautiful even when it is cold: seeing your breath when you talk reminds you about the approaching holidays, the hot chocolate, Christmas lights, warm, cozy sweaters…However, the cold months bring with them some beauty issues: your skin loses its pretty glow, our hair gets frizzy, or the skin is dehydrated, for instance. Even though we do not show ... Read More »

Perfect Nail Tips

I’m noticing a new beauty trend – the No- trend. No-makeup makeup, no-hairstyle hairstyle and of course, no-nail art nail art. Looks like we try to look as natural as we can these days. The heavy makeup designs are used rarely, just for really special occasions (for example, when the Queen visits us) and we opt for more simple and ordinary ... Read More »