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Limit Your Time on High Heels

There is one really strong dilemma in the sentence: “Limit your time on high heels.” First of all, you are a woman who is unaware with all kinds of limitations and also, you are a woman who adores the way she looks and feel while wearing her favorite high heels. That’s why a sentence like the one above sounds absolutely ... Read More »

Clever Tips to Keep Women Healthy and Fresh

Female nature is complicated: we face so many different health issues throughout our lives that we live under constant stress. Monthly periods are one of our tortures: not to include all puberty problems, pregnancy, and menopause. During our whole lives we struggle with different symptoms, born from the fact that we are women. Men cannot understand us and put themselves in our ... Read More »

Perfect Nail Tips

I’m noticing a new beauty trend – the No- trend. No-makeup makeup, no-hairstyle hairstyle and of course, no-nail art nail art. Looks like we try to look as natural as we can these days. The heavy makeup designs are used rarely, just for really special occasions (for example, when the Queen visits us) and we opt for more simple and ordinary ... Read More »

What You Need to Know About Freshly Squeezed Juices

As the weather gets colder, lots of citrus fruits appear on the market. One of the best things you can use them from is to make freshly squeezed juices at home! They are a great replacement for the juices sold in supermarkets because the latter lack most of the valuable substances, found in the former, and contain lots of conservatives ... Read More »

Foods For Healthy Heart

When someone asks you which is the most important organ in your body, your answer must be immediate – the Heart. It keeps us alive and strong and our job is to take good care of the things that keep us alive and strong, this is the way to thank them. And how we can thank our Heart – with good food, ... Read More »

Egg Yolk Does Miracles for Your Hair!

You will be surprised at the number of great hair remedies you can find in your kitchen. Some people are really strong supporters of incorporating foods in hair treatments, as opposed to using the ones that are sold in drugstores. Using something like egg yolk on your hair is not only very healthy, but also lacks the chemicals added to ... Read More »

5 Things You Shouldn‘t Do If You Have Acne

For a woman, when it comes to the way she looks, skin and hair are the most important things and that‘s why every woman takes special care of them daily. But no matter how well we take care of our hair or skin, we still could have acne or dandruff just because or hair and skin are prone to these ... Read More »

Homemade Recipe For Flat Stomach

Today I’m in a mood to talk about getting fit. I’ve gained some weight recently and I really need to do something about it, because the winter is almost here, and it is bringing Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas – friends, which are encouraging me to eat a lot. Remember that getting fit is a mixture of many factors – eating, exercising, daily habits, stress, ... Read More »

Chocolate – A Friend, Not Foe

We all know this sweet temptation, melting in your mouth, giving you one of the best feeling in the world. We simply cannot resist having a piece of chocolate, because, well… just because it is chocolate. This is the perfect gift, which brings people closer together and makes them smile. But is it a friend or foe? And which type ... Read More »

Great Hair Care Tips You Can Do At Home

We all want beautiful, strong and healthy hair, but the hair care products that are sold in drugstores are full of chemicals and they not always help our hair stay as healthy as we want it to be. That’s why we often use home-made masks, conditioners and other hair treatments that aren’t filled with chemicals and other bad ingredients and ... Read More »