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How To Make Your Makeup Look Better

Doing makeup the right way is one of the hard thing a girl needs to do on a daily basis. She has to make sure that everything stays in place, nothing is smudged, everything is applied evenly, etc. Unfortunately, there are some beauty secrets we don‘t know and we often make makeup mistakes just because we don‘t know another way ... Read More »

How to Look Great on Selfies

Some people are addicted to social media and uploading selfies. If you are really interested in looking your best, without actually editing your pictures, take a look at these makeup  recommendations, which you can also use in your everyday beauty routine! If you are a lipstick kind of girl, do not forget to prepare your lips for it and smooth ... Read More »

Makeup Looks to Try This Fall

Fall is one of the most exciting times of the year because of the new fashion season. A lot of trends come along with it: hair, clothes, accessories, and makeup. Our skincare and makeup routines change as tan starts fading away and the cold weather makes our skin more sensitive and wanting different things from us. Redness, dark circles, and ... Read More »

Interesting Things that Men Notice in Women First

The misunderstanding between the sexes is as old as the world. We all know men and women have different approaches, reactions, even values when it comes to love and relationships. But how different are we in what we first notice in the opposite sex? Men are usually not as sneaky as women: they are more direct and straight-forward. If they ... Read More »

How to Properly Apply Bronzer

One of the biggest challenges when doing your makeup is to create the perfect shadows on your face to hide your flaws and enhance your best features. Bronzer is one of the products which you need to use to do that: it can contour your face, creating the best possible appearance. However, there are a few tricks of the trade ... Read More »

How To Look Tall Without High Heels

Wearing high heels is exhausting and when we want to look tall, finding another way might be a problem. The most popular way to make our legs look longer is to wear high heels daily, but we forget how bad high heels are for our figure – our feet get sore, our back starts to hurt and at some can ... Read More »

Makeup Tricks For Thinner Face

Not all of us are born with perfectly symmetrical facial features and proportions and that’s why I enjoy makeup (especially makeup beauty tricks) so much. You can do almost everything with the help of these magical makeup products – shaping your eyes, your lips, your nose, but be careful not to transform your face unrecognizably. So, today we will learn ... Read More »