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How to Deal with Sunburn

The sun is out and immediately everyone is a little bit more excited than usual. We know that sunshine can reveal every single flaw on our bodies or skin; however, we still love it when it appears. Yes, cellulite and pigmentation is more visible, hair removal becomes a struggle and an absolute must, while you are trying to make the ... Read More »

The Importance Of The Exfoliation 

If you want to look beautiful, you have to take care of your skin and inner health, because the beauty is not only about the facial features and the symmetry, the beauty is about looking healthy, toned up and natural-looking without the help of tons of makeup products, faking something that is not real. The makeup must be used only ... Read More »

How To Make Your Pores Smaller?

Do you hate the way your pores look? I know I do. Of course every single person in that world has pores, but on different faces they look differently. While some women are blessed to have small pores, that are almost invisible, others just have pores you could see from miles. And it used to be believed that there is ... Read More »

How to Make Your Skin Even More Beautiful

Our skin is something we should take great care of. The skin we are born with is the only one we will ever get (no matter how that sounds). And because of that is should be well taken care of. Different people have different types of skin and they should probably use different products on their skin. But there are ... Read More »

Coffee Is The New Skin’s BFF

Recently, researchers have found more and more benefits of the coffee. I’m not sure that this is relevant. Sometimes I think that we read about coffee benefits, because we love it so much that we are blind to the harm, but I don’t really care. Check out what I found about the coffee intake and its benefits. There are research results ... Read More »

Everyday Beauty Uses for … Lemons

We are sure that you are familiar with the health benefits of this citrus fruit: the crazy amount of vitamin C can fight away even the most stubborn cold! Not to mention how healthy it is to have a warm glass of water with some fresh lemon juice in it in the morning before you start your day: it boosts ... Read More »