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How To Look Tall Without High Heels

Wearing high heels is exhausting and when we want to look tall, finding another way might be a problem. The most popular way to make our legs look longer is to wear high heels daily, but we forget how bad high heels are for our figure – our feet get sore, our back starts to hurt and at some can ... Read More »

How To Take Care Of Your Skin In Winter

Winter can really damage your skin because of the cold weather and the wind and that‘s why you have to take special care of it daily. There are many ways to take care of your skin and that‘s why I‘m going to show you  a few which will be enough to keep your skin in perfect condition all the time. In ... Read More »

How To Have Whiter Teeth

Having white teeth is a sign that you take care of your looks and hygiene and make you more attractive in the other people‘s eyes. But how to keep your teeth white? Is there a remedy against yellow teeth? Well, not exactly. But you can do several things that will prevent your teeth from getting colored and staying as white ... Read More »

Elegant Chignon

Your hairstyle is one of the most important parts of your whole look and style. If you want to impress the people with good fashion taste you should think of all parts of your outfit and that surely includes your hairstyle. When your hair is arranged in order to match the occasion and your clothes, makeup and nails, you will ... Read More »

Contour Your Nose

I’m sure that you’ve mastered the contouring and highlighting technique. But I’ll draw attention to the nose this time. Not all of us are enjoying perfectly straight nose. And not all of us are comfortable enough with the idea of getting our nose done at the surgery room. But the makeup is here to save the situation and to hide ... Read More »

Homemade Recipe For Flat Stomach

Today I’m in a mood to talk about getting fit. I’ve gained some weight recently and I really need to do something about it, because the winter is almost here, and it is bringing Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas – friends, which are encouraging me to eat a lot. Remember that getting fit is a mixture of many factors – eating, exercising, daily habits, stress, ... Read More »

What to Wear When You Have Nothing To Wear

“I have nothing to wear“ – this is a quite common problem for many women, who own closets full of stuff – thousands of tops, numerous pairs of jeans, tons of casual wear and a good amount of lovely dresses, as well as a cupboard full of amazing shoes. This article is dedicated to all of us, who are never ... Read More »

How To Deal With a Concealer

The concealer is one of the most important preparing products. It hides the imperfections, some dark spots, pimple scars, dark circles under your eyes. Sometimes the concealer can save you from looking bad, especially for special occasions. Imagine that you have a job interview coming up, or just a business meeting, but both ways you won’t look good with any red ... Read More »

Renting a Vacation Home – 10 Golden Rules – Part2

In the previous article we started with 5 golden rules, which will help you rent a vacation home quickly and easily. It is time to continue with 5 more, which could also save you lots of trouble and help you enjoy a wonderful holiday. 6. Research before renting Take your time and carefully research your options. There is no need ... Read More »

False Eyelashes – The Hidden Risks

Long, thick, expressive eyelashes have always been used to demonstrate femininity and seduce the opposite sex. But not all women have been blessed with such eyelashes by the Mother Nature, so the appearance of the false lashes was a real revolution. Young and not-so-young ladies were crazy about them and could not wait to buy a pair of them and ... Read More »