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Ombre Red Lips

Often we care a lot about the trends and what is fashionable these days. And I don’t think that this is wrong at all. Some people will say  that you will lose your personality if you follow strictly the fashion trends, but I believe this is not true. The stylish people stand among the crowd, especially when they are wearing trendy ... Read More »

Hair Color Trends For the Fall 2014

Recently we often talk about trends. What to wear and what not to wear. For good or bad women are vain creatures. We follow those fashion “rules” and we are even proud when we follow them. The fashion industry is getting richer from women’s vanity. So, everyone is happy. This year’s trend in hair colors is predictable – golden and reddish ... Read More »

Best Accessories for Fall – Part 1

Fall makes most of us really excited in terms of fashion for several reasons. First, as the new season starts, new collections emerge in stores with a variety of cool potential purchases out there to satisfy our shopping needs. Second of all, new trends challenge us to experiment. Lst but not least, while during the summer we did not wear ... Read More »

Hairstyle Trends for Fall

New season, new luck! It’s time for change. Often we get slightly depressed as the weather gets colder, the sun shows itself a lot less, and the tan fades away. That is why we need something new and fresh to cheer us up, if it is in our lifestyle, the daily routine or our appearance. And what better way to ... Read More »

What to Wear When You Have Nothing To Wear

“I have nothing to wear“ – this is a quite common problem for many women, who own closets full of stuff – thousands of tops, numerous pairs of jeans, tons of casual wear and a good amount of lovely dresses, as well as a cupboard full of amazing shoes. This article is dedicated to all of us, who are never ... Read More »

Lipstick Trends For The Cold Seasons

The Fall & Winter 2014/2015 trends are already here. Today we will talk about our lips. But before we hit the colors and products we should keep in mind something else – the care. You know that the winter is coming and with it, as well, the cold weather. It’s nice to have the winter holidays back, but this coldness ... Read More »

Get Your Skin Ready for Fall

Seasons change and even though we like embracing new fashion trends, it is our skin that does not agree with the overall mood of excitement. Fall weather usually does not have a positive effect on your face with all the wind and humidity. As tan fades away and the weather gets colder, skin gets more and more sensitive and prone ... Read More »

Manicure Trends for Fall 2014/2015

Fall is most fashionistas’ favourite season because it brings all these new looks and trends to the table, whether  we are talking about clothes, accessories, makeup or hairstyles. If you are one of the girls obsessed with your nails, this new season will bring some great ideas to the table for you! There is a lot of variety, some of ... Read More »