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Eye Makeup Tricks to Step up Your Game

Makeup can be a girl’s best friend: especially when she has skin problems of some sort and needs a temporary solution while she finds a good remedy to sold them. However, remember girls: do not hide behind eyeliners and mascaras since you do not want to surprise completely a guy, for instance, when he sees your bare face for the ... Read More »

Stunning Eye Makeup

I’m lost without my Beauty hacks. First of all, I can’t draw at all, I’m not talanted, but with the tricks that I know, my cat-eye liner is perfect and precise. Also, the time is enough, when you know how to organize it and when you save some of it by applying tricks. I’m telling you, the tricks are what ... Read More »

Bigger Looking Lashes 

You can make your eyelashes look huge only with this trick. You won’t need any fake lashes or more coats of mascara. You will only need a flat brush and a black eye pencil. Just see how easy and simple it is: You often apply colors onto your bottom waterline. But why don’t you apply colors also on your upper ... Read More »

Makeup Hacks that Every Girl Should Know

In a world where there is a plethora of makeup products, it is obvious that there are also probably hundreds of tricks you can use to enhance the effect of makeup make it easier or incorporate a certain product into an area it was not initially meant for. Often we buy certain products and do not use them the right ... Read More »

Blush to Shadow – Amazing Idea

You know how in an emergency situation we can use some of our makeup products as other makeup products. For instance, you can use your mascara as eyeliner. Just use a small flat brush to get the material from the mascara brush and apply it to your lash line. Here are some great ideas for re-use your makeup products. Just take ... Read More »

Easy Trick for Smoky Eyes

You know how we really appreciate the saving-time-tricks. They are really essential for our dynamic daily routine and as we don’t have time for anything we try to find those tricks and to apply them. But that made me think of the beauty. Do we replace the self-time for something else? The better question is: Should we replace it? My immediate answer ... Read More »

How To Look Tall Without High Heels

Wearing high heels is exhausting and when we want to look tall, finding another way might be a problem. The most popular way to make our legs look longer is to wear high heels daily, but we forget how bad high heels are for our figure – our feet get sore, our back starts to hurt and at some can ... Read More »

Homemade Recipe For Flat Stomach

Today I’m in a mood to talk about getting fit. I’ve gained some weight recently and I really need to do something about it, because the winter is almost here, and it is bringing Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas – friends, which are encouraging me to eat a lot. Remember that getting fit is a mixture of many factors – eating, exercising, daily habits, stress, ... Read More »

How To Deal With a Concealer

The concealer is one of the most important preparing products. It hides the imperfections, some dark spots, pimple scars, dark circles under your eyes. Sometimes the concealer can save you from looking bad, especially for special occasions. Imagine that you have a job interview coming up, or just a business meeting, but both ways you won’t look good with any red ... Read More »

False Eyelashes – The Hidden Risks

Long, thick, expressive eyelashes have always been used to demonstrate femininity and seduce the opposite sex. But not all women have been blessed with such eyelashes by the Mother Nature, so the appearance of the false lashes was a real revolution. Young and not-so-young ladies were crazy about them and could not wait to buy a pair of them and ... Read More »