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How to Style Leather Pants – Trendy Tips

Leather trousers have flooded the market, the runways and street style blogs! We are not exaggerating when we say that they have become serious competition to the long-reigning queen “skinny jeans”. The variety of styles of leather pants offered by different brands is amazing: black, with zippers, studs, sequins, in different colors, skinny, baggy, etc. Yes, the classic and most popular version ... Read More »

Denim World

You know the jeans, right? These miracle pants are a girls best friend these days. They are comfortable, stylish and always trendy. Be sure that these babes will never fade away from the fashion world.  I recently read somewhere that an average American woman owns 7 pairs of jeans. And that’s just the minimum. That’s why the denim manufacturers are so ... Read More »

What to Wear When You Have Nothing To Wear

“I have nothing to wear“ – this is a quite common problem for many women, who own closets full of stuff – thousands of tops, numerous pairs of jeans, tons of casual wear and a good amount of lovely dresses, as well as a cupboard full of amazing shoes. This article is dedicated to all of us, who are never ... Read More »

What To Wear To Enhance Your Eye Color

We often choose our clothing based on the color of our eyes, skin or makeup. We know that red hair doesn’t go so well with orange clothes and black clothes aren’t the best choice for pale skin, but don’t think that often about what colors enhance our eye color. In this article, I will share with you some tips about ... Read More »

The Quickest Way to Look Cool – Sneakers

When it’s time to wake up early and go to school or to spend a day with our family and friends, we are not always in the mood to think about what to wear and how to style some of our favorite fall clothing items. In these cases we need to go for something casual, sporty and comfy at the same ... Read More »

5 Great Ways to Wear a Colourful Scarf

The scarf and its variations are a great accessory and every woman should have a few of them in her wardrobe. We`d like to offer you 5 greatl ways to wear them and brighten up your day. 1. To freshen up your black outfit Let the colourful scarf be your accent on the black outfit. No matter is you are ... Read More »