Tech Gadgets For Women

Tech Gadgets For Women


You know that the technological and electronic industry is really successful, but smart and rich people wish for even more wealth. So far, the targeted consumers are men. Mostly. But women are about half of the world’s population, which means that a smart businessman will try to enchant this half of possible buyers. And what a better way for enchanting the women than giving them reason to desire the technology gadgets. This reason has to be connected to the fashion world. Make the design of the gadget looks like a jewelry and we will fall in love with it.

Some companies figured it out and now they are producing amazing pieces of headphones, phone additions and so on. The designs of these products look like luxury accessories. I’ll show you some examples and be sure that your saving account will lighten a little bit. Take a look:

Stelle Audio Earbud Locket. These headphones look like a robot from the Transformers movie. It’s actually a smart necklace that includes Bluetooth technology, which includes a pair of headphones and hands-free phone device. There is a polygon gem-like necklace, which could be opened and when you open the cap you will see two nests for the ear buds. This gorgeous necklace will be available in February this year at in two different styles – onyx and seabreeze.

Leopard Haircalf Zip Gloves. Girls from winter countries will understand me when I say that my phone isn’t compatible with the Winter, because of the gloves. If i want to have soft hands, I have to forget about texting and talking with people on my phone. There are already invented gloves for touch screens, but the ones that I’ve seen are pretty ugly. That’s why I became really happy about the fact that I found these gloves. They are stylish and really working with the phone. The top of the gloves are leopard printed. The pointer and the thumb fingers are tech compatible for touch screens. The leather is 50% cow and 50% lamb. There is a little zip detail, revealing classical red leather. These gloves will be a perfect match for Louboutin boots.

Ringly. It is actually a ring, but a smart ring, we even might call it the iRing. This chic gadget is a wearable ring, which can tell you when someone texts you, calls you or any other notifications by vibrating and shining. A line of 18k gold ring holds a precious or semi-precious stone. Ringly will allow you finally put your phone away. Another handy benefit is while you walk around the city, doing your own business and your phone is somewhere in the bag. When you are crossing the boulevard you will hardly notice that your phone is ringing. So, far this is one of the best tech gadgets for me. I love it!



Image source: Fotolia

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