The Bags That Complement Your Body Type

The Bags That Complement Your Body Type

Small or big, black or colorful, we love them all. Bags! They are not only useful because we can put all of our stuff inside, from our keys to an umbrella or a book, but also because they are great accessories. We can choose our bag according to our outfit that day. If we want to be colorful, we may choose a floral pattern bag, or if we want a bag that matches every outfit we have, we will choose a black one. One of the things you may not know, however, is that we should choose our bags not only according to their colors, but also according to our body type.
When you choose the shape of your bag try to do it by choosing the opposite shape to your body type.

If you are curvy and have some extra pounds, always choose bags that have sharp lines which will be in contrast to your curves. You can also choose a shoulder bag with long straps that will elongate your body and hide some of your booty but do not hide all of it, after all curves are sexy.

If your body type is a petite one, you will probably want to look longer and leaner. Here the shape of the bag is crucial. A shoulder bag in a cylindrical shape will best compliment your body type. You can also wear a tiny bag which will help your figure look giant. And do not forget to keep them close to your body.

If you are too tall and want to subdue it, choose a bag with short handles but do not choose a small bag because it will make you look even taller. You can have a tote with a long handle which you can carry on one side. Best for your type are also large or mid size bulky or floppy bags that will be in contrast with your height.

For women with pear shape bodies (larger hip area than bust) the most complimentary bags are envelope bags and clutches. Avoid long straps that will put on extra bulk on your hips. If you choose a cross-body bag, it will gather even more looks to you haunch. So you should probably want to stick to small and portable handbags. Besides it will be helpful to get rid of the extra stuff you carry in your big shoulder bag.

For women with large busts we recommend bags that will draw the attention away from that area. If your favorite type of bag is the shoulder one, make sure that you choose one with long straps and large in size.
Now you know what type of bag you should have. Have a nice shopping, girls!

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