The Biggest Bedtime Sins for the Beauty of Every Girl

How many times have you fallen asleep in front of the TV or laptop in the living room? Then you wake up, grumpy and basically still asleep, and you realize that you need to get to bed as quickly as possible or you will feel terrible in the morning. However, there is much to be done before going to bed when it comes to personal hygiene and beauty routines.

Have a look at this list of bedtime mistakes that can harm your appearance quite a lot, especially in the long term:

  • Going to bed late is the most basic, but really damaging mistake you can make. Not enough sleep can lead to your skin looking dull and tired, the appearance of dark circles, weight problems and as a whole, low energy levels. Also, you are more stressed and anxious when your sleeping regime is not stable. Find the perfect sleeping pattern for you, as different people need a different number amount of sleep, but generally about seven or eight hours are great. The truth is that if you go to bed before midnight, you will be able to wake up at 6am or 7am without a problem and be more productive than ever. By the way, spending time on your phone or laptop while you are already in bed will have a negative impact on your sleep, so try to avoid it.
  • Cleaning your skin thoroughly every evening, but also every morning is absolutely compulsory. During the day, your pores gather dirt, dust, oils and makeup and you really need to give them a cleaning and nourishing treatment, so that you do not get any problems like pimples or redness. Whether you choose a cleansing milk, gel cleanser or micellar water, you need to clean your skin and get rid of all the makeup at the end of the day. Moisturize if afterwards. However, do not underestimate the morning cleaning: get yourself a mild gel cleanser or toner to refresh your skin and get rid of the oils accumulated while your face has been pressed to your pillow.
  • While we are on the topic of skincare, it is a good idea to mention that you should not ignore the eye area. Find a good eye cream and nourish the most sensitive part of your face, so that you do not regret it in the long term.
  • Never skip brushing your teeth before going to bed! It might seem like a dull task, but it only takes a minute and will have a great impact on your breath and the health of your teeth overall.
  • If you tie your hair too tight, you might be harming your health. Tight ponytails during the day or the night can cause headaches and even harm your hair. While you are sleeping, it is best to leave your hair spread on the pillowcase. Also, go for satin pillow cases which are gentler to your hair and can even prevent the appearance of wrinkles!

What we advise you is to try and do most of these things, like removing makeup, for instance, as soon as you get home. This means you will have a lot less to worry about when you are going to bed. Also, put all the products you need in order in your bathroom, so that you do not have to look for them, run back and forth, or realize you have forgotten to do something when you are already in bed. If you have your micellar water, toothbrush and toothpaste and moisturizer on the same shelf above the sink, you will be able to quickly get it done! Remember: beauty comes from within, but can be noticed a lot easier if you invest just a little time and effort in it!

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