The Half Updo Rose

The Half Updo Rose

I am a little bit of racist when it comes to hair colors and the proper hairstyles for the specific color. For instance, I think that the blond hairs look better with braids than the dark colored hairs, and when I say dark colors I mean really dark ones – dark brown, black, brown with reddish hues, black with reddish hues, etc. Why these colors are not appropriate for braids?

The light is playing a huge role here. You know that we have a vision about objects around us according to the shadows. Without light, there you’d be no shadows, we wouldn’t be capable of taking the right path or turning where it is needed, also we won’t be able to tell the difference between a bottle of water an bottle of tequila without tasting it.

But when the light is part of the game, you can see the details of the objects, especially when they are light-colored themselves. That’s why there is a common saying that curvy women should wear black, because it hides the texture of the cellulite legs or the belly folds.

And now the hair: the light-colored hair, like the blond one, will show the braid perfectly, because it will be defined by the shadows, created by the light and these shadows won’t blend with the light color of the hair, they will create depth. Take a look at this idea of a braided detail of your half-updo and see that all I’m saying is nothing but truth:

  • Tease the top in order to create a volume.
  • Make a hanging braid from the left temporal are to the back of the head and then do the same thing with the other side. Finish the tails by braiding them in a regular braid.
  • Then pull out the strands of the tail braids, roll them up and around at the back of the head and secure with bobby pins.


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