The Importance Of The Exfoliation 

The Importance Of The Exfoliation 

If you want to look beautiful, you have to take care of your skin and inner health, because the beauty is not only about the facial features and the symmetry, the beauty is about looking healthy, toned up and natural-looking without the help of tons of makeup products, faking something that is not real. The makeup must be used only to enhance your beauty, not the create one. And the smooth and healthy skin will create the beautiful natural effect, which is so needed for the so-desired stunning appearance. Let’s start with the inner health – take care of your body. This is a basic step, which can’t be ignored. The rules are simple: drink a lot of water, eat well and do some exercises. It’s not only your skin that will thank you if you put yourself together and start a healthy lifestyle (if you already haven’t).

The next step for gorgeous look is the proper skin care and the first thing that pops in my mind is the exfoliation step. Once the body is cleaned from the inside, you have to clean the surface of the body – the skin and the best way to do it is to exfoliate and clean the pores of the skin.

The pores of the skin can be clogged from many factors – the air, the makeup, the phone, touching your face with dirty hands, not regular change of the pillow case, etc. The weekly exfoliation keeps the skin clean and fresh by removing dead cells from the surface of the epidermis. This procedure prevents the pores from clogging, which means that you will forget about dealing with pimples and blackheads.

Once the dead cells are removed, there is more room for the new cells. This renewal process will bring up bright complexion of your skin, it will glow in a natural and healthy looking color.

Your beauty products, like serums and creams against wrinkles and acne problems will be absorbed easily because the skin is clean and there is nothing to block the intake of the cosmetics.

The exfoliation will provoke the skin to produce more natural oils, which keep the skin elastic and well moisturized, all naturally: say goodbye to the fine lines.

Because of the healthy new cells, the texture of the skin will become smoother and softer, isn’t that the dream of every single woman in the world?

Don’t overdo with the exfoliation treatments. Don’t do it more than three times a week, but the golden number is 2. There are different methods of exfoliation:

  • Beauty salon chemical peels;
  • At-home scrub that can be purchased from a drugstore or homemade, there are a lot gorgeous and perfectly working recipes for homemade exfoliating mixtures.

You’d better consult with your dermatologist before you start the exfoliating routine, just to be sure exactly what to do according to your skin type, and then work that scrub until you reach the flawless skin we are all aiming for!

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