The Importance of The Harmony in The Family

The Importance of The Harmony in The Family

Often there is a chaos in the family area. Teenagers Vs. Parents – the eternal battle. All of us have been in this period of teenage craze. It’s a scary period. I am afraid to death of my future when I’ll have kids and they will become teenagers. Sadly, then could happen something life changing, and that something could be not so pleasant and nice neither for the kid, nor for the parents.

That’s one of the reasons why I want to achieve harmony in every aspect of my life. Especially in the family. The balance must be kept for the sake of everyone under the roof of the family house. Why is this harmony so important in the family? It’s not only about the good behavior of the children and their future, it’s also highly important for the parents. Imagine that you are a parent. You are coming home after work and every night there is a fight over something. The kids fight each other (both physically and verbally), which is terrible – both ways! The father is out of the picture, because he won’t bother himself with “rubbish”, the mother is yelling and nobody listens to her – there is truly a chaos in there. And if that’s a healthy family relationship, well, I’m Batman. The harmony is important mostly because of the stress. All kinds of stress could cause diseases, physical and mental ones. And if the health is going out of the family everything will crash.

I use the following tools for solving any problem in my life: Compromise and Priority.

Making compromises is the most as I call it an Adult way to deal with problematic situations. The parenting rule Number 1 should be: Learn your kids to make compromises. Every single person of the family should make them once in a while. That’s how everyone will learn more about selflessness, forgiving, receiving and giving. If you are able to swallow your pride (in a non-humiliating way) you can pat yourself on the back and be proud of yourself. And if the other side of the argument can do the same – well, you are one step closer to the harmony.

Make a list of priorities when you are finding yourself in a hard time. Always a Pros and Cons list a good way to go. But if you compare the things one to another, finding both their good and bad features, you will be able to find what are your priorities in this life. Let’s say that you are a teenager. Just calm down and think instinctively. Which is more important – your friends or your family. I bet that most of you will answer “my friends, because they get me and understand me, unlike my parents”. Ok, it’s normal. But let’s think more about it. Try to remember stories about kids in your school that were friends and after that something small (that you find really stupid) separates them. Well, the same small and stupid reason could separate you and your BFF just like your classmates. Now think of your family. You fight and argue over and over with your parents and your siblings, but you are together, because the family bond is strong, really strong. Keep that in mind the next time you think you hate all of them. Just organize your priorities and try to make compromises. They will do the same thing for you.

So, all of you – keep the balance and the harmony. The family is powerful.


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