The Key Fashion Trends for Summer 2015

The Key Fashion Trends for Summer 2015

A fresh start for your wardrobe can boost your mood a lot more than you think. As there is more sun and temperatures have risen, you have the opportunity to show some more skin or explore the depths of the new fashion trends without being afraid. An especially great stage for your style adventures would be your vacation destination. Far from the office or school, you can challenge yourself and wear interesting outfits inspired by the fashion industry. You do not need to own designer pieces to be original and trendy! However, what you need to do is do your research. After you have carefully studied the current fashion trends, you can make your choice and pick the ones that suit your personal taste, your figure and your overall appearance.  You want the color of your clothes to accentuate your skin tone in a pretty way, the line of your clothes to highlight the body parts you are proud of and as a whole, you want to feel comfortable in what you are wearing.

This summer offers us an opulence of time references, of colors and textures and styles in terms of fashion trends. The truth is that everyone can find something that will capture their hearts and turn them into gorgeous, confident women. Take a look at a few of the key fashion trends and invest in one or two pieces that will keep you on top of your game!

  • The Jumpsuit: The jumpsuit is one of those pieces that is not an absolute classic like jeans or a white shirt, but keeps on coming back and making its way into different wardrobes. The jumpsuit is a slight reference to the 70’s which are definitely one of the main style inspirations for this season. You go can go for a short-sleeved safari version in khaki, beige or any other earth color, or pick a sexy backless, halter-neck version in black or white. Nevertheless, the jumpsuit is a great option for a more casual workday, for a wedding or for a night out.
  • Blue: Light blue is definitely something you should not miss this season. When you go into stores, you will notice tons of neutral colors and in between them, blue will be lurking and trying to capture your attention. The perfect option for a summer vacation is the combination between light blue and white: whether it is a shirt with stripes in these two colors combined with ripped denim shorts оr a cute skater dress mixed with white sneakers, you can wrong the baby blue if you want to get in a more “sea and sky” color mode.
  • Stripes: I feel that stripes are almost always on trend, especially in the summer! There is not much complexity here: the sailor vibe they give out can always remind us of vacations, sea, etc.
  • Off the shoulder: If you have not noticed this silhouette yet, then you have no interest in fashion for sure! Off the shoulder blouses and dresses are typical representatives of the 70’s trend. It is true that they are extremely sexy without being inappropriate at all! Whether you go for a style in print, with buttons going down the front, or from a linen fabric, you will find yourself off the shoulder soul mate for this summer in the sea of options for sure!
  • The Kimono: Yes, the kimono has not yet left the stage! With the huge popularity of festival fashion, the kimono is inspired by the Asian styles, but has been transformed into all kinds of variations.
  • Suede: Skirts, dresses, shoes, shorts: everything from this material is an absolute hit! Suede is soft and classy, and is another memory from the 70’s. If you go for a fringed suede dress, you will absolutely hit the jackpot!


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