The New Social Media Trend: The Swelfie
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The New Social Media Trend: The Swelfie

Yes, you are probably aware what a selfie is: it is basically a photo that you take of yourself, a self-portrait of the modern world. The leading social trends are dictated by social media, respectively Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. Everyone knows what a hashtag is, how important it is that your profile picture is on point and how often you update your social media presence with exciting statuses, check-ins, or whatever else you can bring to the table. Basically, these websites and apps are what defines you in front of your friends and family, at least the one who do not see you as often as they should. We will not discuss today whether this is a healthy behavioral pattern and if people should care about social media. We are just going to present to you the newest selfie kind: the swelfie. It is basically a picture of you in your swimsuit: that is where the “w” comes from.

Summer is here and so it is the chance for you to go an exciting adventure to the seaside, for example. Whatever travel destination you have chosen, we are sure that you will want to take tons of pictures. Imagine this: you are at the beach, the sun is shining, not a cloud in the sky and the relaxing sound of the waves is your only background. You want to brag about that on Instagram, right? However, you want to make sure that the swimsuit selfie you will post is satisfying: after all, satisfaction is indeed what people gain from their social media presence usually.

First of all, you need to find the right light. Photographers agree that the best possible light for amateur pictures with a smartphone are taken outdoors, so leave the room and get out there! If the light is hitting your face, that is probably for the best, because it will alleviate any imperfections. After all, you are probably not wearing any makeup to the beach, are you? If you are under the sun, face it, while if you are in the shade, place your face in the direction that the light is coming from. Basically, you want your face to look radiant! Also, you can use technology to improve lighting: tap on the screen in the area you want to expose (meaning, to make it lighter) and it will automatically adjust right before taking the picture.

                Second of all, you should think about your background. An already brightly colored, interesting background will actually boost the fabulousness of your photo a lot! A pool or the sea behind you or even the sun with a cloud or two is a better addition to your photo than a wall, for example. You need to exploit nature as much as possible as it is absolutely stunning! Add a filter to the whole thing and the result will be great.

Third of all, you should know your angles. Shooting from slightly above is more flattering than from below. It can hide any neck wrinkles, smooth out the jawline and will simply let the light flatter your face. Besides, there is no risk of getting a double chin if you are pointing the camera down!

Last but not least, you should not take yourself too seriously. After all, being all posy always looks fake. Show your true emotion: you are most probably having tons of fun and are pretty happy with your holiday, so translate that into that one perfect shot. Smile, stick your tongue out or shout: it will all look enthusiastic! It is a lot better than a duckface or a pout that you might think is sexy…but is actually not.


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