The Perfect Look For a Date Night

The Perfect Look For a Date Night

My choice for a date night hairstyle or for some other special occasion, different from the daily buns and ponytails is the soft vintage wavy texture of the hair.

If you really want to leave some good impression at people about your look you have to pay attention to the details. Yes, you can make a perfect hairstyle, perfect makeup and perfect nail art, you can pick the perfect outfit, but are these items perfect for each other?

My opinion is that a woman is really stylish and good looking when the whole outfit is perfectly matched, when she put an effort and a thought in her appearance. Often the less is more and if your look is plain and ordinary you might make a better first impression if you show modesty and consideration.

Here I’ll suggest you a look for a romantic night date. Maybe at a bar. We will run through the makeup, the hairstyle and the outfit. Just follow my lead and trust me, I talked to my people who are best at maintaining a girl’s look for a date, my fashion advisors – the BFFs!

The outfit. We will swirl everything around the clothes. If your plan is to go at some bar you’d better pick up a party dress or at least a party top, combined with black, skinny-tight jeans. Let the top has something sparkly on it. Or if you choose whole sequined top it will be great. But let it be only one color. We don’t want to overdo the glam, right? Remember to keep the things simple.

The makeup. Cat-eye liner and soft pink lips will be enough. Don’t go for smoky eyes or something similar to that makeup design. Stay away from the heavy makeup when you want to impress a boy. But of course, you are allowed to add a hint of glitter liner. If your top is golden choose golden glitter eyeliner and apply it on the inner half of the bottom lash line and on the outer half of the top lash line. BB cream should be absolutely satisfying coverage.

The hairstyle. The Vintage soft waves. This hairstyle is the perfect one for such an occasion. Trust your curling iron skills and make those waves. Use a light-formula hair spray so your hair will move easily while you dance.

Have the time of your life and enjoy it fully!


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