The Quickest Way to Look Cool – Sneakers

The Quickest Way to Look Cool – Sneakers

When it’s time to wake up early and go to school or to spend a day with our family and friends, we are not always in the mood to think about what to wear and how to style some of our favorite fall clothing items. In these cases we need to go for something casual, sporty and comfy at the same time and what better thing to wear than sneakers!

Sneakers are the quickest way to make your outfit look cool and fresh and the best thing is that they are extremely comfortable and you won’t have blisters and sore feet afterwards. But how to wear sneakers and look stylish?

First of all, if you don’t own a pair, go for something classic like black or white sneakers – they go well with everything and are the easiest ti style! Sneakers are no longer being paired only with jeans and sweatpants! Yes, it’s a cool combo when you add distressed jeans and a loose girly top, but there are more ways you can make the look more trendy. Add a pair of sneakers to a classic pencil skirt and a shirt – you are still going to look professional, but you’ll feel a lot more comfortable and your colleagues will see you as a more laid-back and fun person.

Sneakers look really cool with a leather jacket! You can again make the look more professional by adding a pair of black pants, or make it more casual with some denim shorts and a cool top (don’t forget to use accessorize and make your outfits even more stunning!). Many women style sneakers with blazers which looks really nice, especially if your sneakers are white and you go for navy blue or grey blazer.

Why not wear sneakers with dresses? It may be fall but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear dresses! Take you favorite sneakers, add s brown leather jacket, chunky scarf and a summer dress that you can layer and make appropriate for the fall and voila – you have the perfect festival look! Remove the leather jacket, add a cardigan and a big floppy hat and you have the ideal afternoon set for the weekends when the weather is still hot enough for walks.

Don’t forget that every outfit and every clothing piece can be dressed up or dressed down, it’s up to you to chooses the perfect combo according to the occasion!

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