The Rescue Bun

The Rescue Bun

This hairstyle is something like your emergency solution for every moment when your hair is out of control. Here are the situations when the hair needs rescue:

  • The roots are too dirty, which means too dry or too oily according to your type of hair.
  • The hair is too straight. This can lead to lack of volume and sticky hair to the head.
  • Or the third situation is when your hair is too messy, too curly or too tangled. You can’t do nothing about it, but this hairstyle:

The following tutorial will show you how to handle uncontrollable hair with one simple hairstyle – a bun. Take a look at the steps and follow them one by one:

  1. So, if your hair is greasy dirty you have to make a sleek ponytail.
  2. Pull it into a high ponytail and secure it with tight elastic band.
  3. Spritz the whole tail with a hair spray.
  4. Back comb the tail to make it voluminous.
  5. Tease it a lot!
  6. Then wrap it around the base of the pony loosely.
  7. Secure it with another hair band and bobby pins.
  8. Pull out some short hairs around your ears for more causal look.

This hairstyle is one of your options to handle not-great-looking hair. The other option is to wash the hair and stylize it with hair dryer and a brush to look great, but this second option will take a lot more time than the bun emergency hairstyle.

Honestly, I don’t know what I’m going to do if I don’t have all my beauty hacks that help me every single day when some kind of a problem appears.

When you are out of ideas for your hairstyle, makeup or manicure, you can always come back here, because we will load up with all kinds of designs and inspirations. Have fun!

messy bun

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