The Shoes Every Woman Should Have

The Shoes Every Woman Should Have

Women and shoes have a special connection since, well, forever. We tend to buy shoes whether or not we need them just because they look good or we think that some time or other we will have something to wear them with.

I, like every other woman, have a lot of shoes, many of which I don‘t wear, but there are several types of shoes that I look for and try to have in my closet – the types of shoes every woman should have. Shoes like high heels, flats and boots are essential for a woman‘s style and in case you don‘t know which are the other types of shoes, I am here to show them to you!

Ballerina flats

Every girl should have a pair of basic black or beige flats! They‘re comfortable, go well with everything and you can put them in your bag on a Friday night to put them on after your feet get too tired from the heels. You need a basic pair in a neutral color and, of course, a more colorful pair to spice up every outfit!

Formal black shoes

You need formal black shoes to wear on job interviews or other formal events. When you buy formal shoes, be sure to buy a blazer or a formal black dress to go with your shoes. Especially when formal shoes can be a life-saver in times when you have to go to a family party and you don‘t have nothing to wear!


A basic pair of brown sandals can make your whole summer a lot more comfortable! You can wear them with jeans, shorts, dresses, basically everything! Choose shoes from genuine leather because they will make your feet breathe in the summer and prevent them from sweating.


Do I have to explain why you need sneakers in your life? This year was very trendy to wear dresses with sneakers and make every outfit look unique and fashionable. Buy yourself a casual pair of Converse – they are very versatile and loo good with every type of clothing. If you don‘t want to invest in Converse, just buy a regular pair – this way you can buy more pairs for the same money!


You need one pair of boots – casual. Low-heel one that you can wear on casual days when you go to class or run errands. They‘re comfy and cute and the best thing is that you can wear them in both fall and winter!

Dressy high heels

The last par you need to own is dressy high heels. No matter if they‘re open toe, sandals or regular pumps, dressy shoes come in handy on Friday night when you want to go out with your girlfriends and just have a blast! Of course, black goes with everything, but you can always choose a more fun and unique color that will make your whole outfit come to life!

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