The Skin Problems Caused by Allergies

The Skin Problems Caused by Allergies

Usually, extreme temperatures and weather conditions can be quite detrimental to everyone’s skin, especially those of you whose skin is fairly sensitive. If you are fairly prone to redness, you might get irritated by anything in the air: pollution, humidity, lack of humidity, strong sunlight, etc. Besides, being sweaty does not help in the summer: it can clog your pores, especially if you are wearing makeup during the hot days. Your skin needs some extra attention in the summer as there are lots of dangers lurking and trying to ruin its health and appearance. It is important that you adapt your beauty routine to the changing weather conditions.

One very annoying cause for skin problems as a whole are allergies. You can be born with them or suddenly develop them during your teenage years or even in your thirties. To be honest, as far as we have noticed, skin problems and allergies are one of the weirdest health problems as their causes often are non-identifiable. Since it can be difficult to put a diagnosis on some of them, you do not know which of your habits or factors of environment are actually bothering your organism.

This year the allergy season was quite crazy for people who are victims of allergies as the weather has been fairly strange: the winter was very cold, while spring began quite late. Pollens annoyed tons of people and the sinuses of those who suffer from allergies went absolutely insane. Not only do they make you sneeze constantly and make your eyes itchy, but they can have effect on your skin condition as well. So what do allergies do to your skin and how should you solve the problem?

First of all, your skin might get very puffy as a consequence of allergies. Puffiness happens due to seepage of serum (a clear fluid in your blood which triggers allergic reactions) into the skin. Swollen skin is hard to hide even with the best makeup techniques; that is why you should either consult a dermatologist or look for a good, recommended cosmetic product against puffiness. Anti-inflammatory antihistamines can reduce swelling and help you with the irritation. Ice is a cheap fix as well: ice packs placed directly on the under-eye area can relieve the swollenness. Slices of cucumber can also be helpful due to the ascorbic acid found in them. Teabags, potatoes and cold spoons are among the other DIY remedies that can kill puffiness to some extent at least.

The second negative effect of allergies on the skin is redness. Usually, redness occurs around the nose (maybe from blowing your nose excessively). The best ingredient against redness may be considered aloe vera, so look for tissues impregnated with it. They can treat your skin gentler than the normal kind. Aloe vera gel can also naturally decrease the redness. You should know that what you eat can also further irritate your skin, so avoid spicy foods, alcohol and hot drinks. Finally, you should know that Manuka honey and honey as a whole has various antibacterial properties and can help your skin out.

Last but not least, allergies can lead to flakiness of your skin. Tissues are frequently rubbing your face, so that can easily dry out your skin and cause it to peel. Keeping your skin constantly moisturized is vital. Make sure you have found the right moisturizer. Maybe a heavier version than your usual product would work for the flaky zones of your skin. Also, use fragrance-free products as fragrances are allergens themselves and can be even more irritating. As a whole, the more natural a certain product is, the better.


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