The Ultimate European Travel Guide for Chocolate Lovers
Chocolate collage

The Ultimate European Travel Guide for Chocolate Lovers

Chocolate is one of the most popular foods in the world. Some studies state that around a billion of people enjoy the sweet product every day around the globe. Cocoa beans were originally found in South America, but with the help of European explorers, other continents soon had access to this great basis of both food and cosmetic products. In the last few years, the largest countries producers of cocoa butter are Cote d’Ivore, Indonesia and the African countries Ghana, Nigeria, and Cameroon. Brazil and Mexico are among the main exporters too, though with less percentage of the world cocoa butter produced.

The benefits of the cocoa beans are not limited to the delicious foods they help create. Right now cocoa butter is one of the most popular ingredients in skin moisturizers and we can all agree that is definitely very helpful.

However, the cocoa tree’s main contribution to the world would be indeed chocolate. If you go into a supermarket, you will find all kinds of exciting and delicious foods with a chocolate flavor: ice cream, pudding, biscuits, etc. Not to mention the great variety of chocolate bars on the market: dark, milk, white, with strawberries, oranges or peppers, with nuts and dried fruit, etc. The opulent variety of chocolate foods on the market gives us the opportunity to enjoy this sweet temptation all the time. However, there are a few places around the world that would be quite special for chocolate lovers and will be appreciated not only for the sweetness they would provide your life with, but also with the historical or cultural relevance they have. If you are travelling around Europe and want to combine your passion for traveling and sightseeing with your pure love for chocolate treats, then do not miss out on the following locations!

  • The Chocolate Festival, London, United Kingdom: It takes place in four different English cities, but London is the most spectacular one!
  • Cadbury World, Birmingham, United Kingdom: The birthplace of the amazing Cadbury chocolates will reveal great secrets about one of the most amazing British food products!
  • Halloren Chocolate Factory, Halle, Germany: There is both a factory and a museum, how exciting! The oldest German chocolate factory is historically significant, and will be a nice trip destination for chocolate lovers. Definitely try the champagne heart truffles!
  • Salon du Chocolat, Paris, France: This chocolate exhibition is a great venue to visit even only for the tons of free chocolate you will be able to enjoy! There are also exhibitions like this in London, Koln, and Brussels.
  • Museum of Cocoa and Chocolate, Brussels, Belgium: Belgium is famous for its amazing chocolate treats, so its museum should not be missed if you are going on a chocolate tour! The hand-made praline samples are a must-try!
  • The Chocolate Train, Montreux, Switzerland: A chocolate train? Nestle and Golden Pass have given us the greatest way to travel around the beautiful Swiss land. The Cailler Dessert Chocolate is one of the most famous recommendations when you are on this great vehicle. The final stop includes a factory tour!
  • Museu de la Chocolata, Barcelona, Spain: The Spanish-speaking world has its special bond with chocolate. Even your ticket for this museum is edible! It includes great pieces of art, made by chocolate. The Crema Catalana Chocolate Bar is delicious, so we’ve heard!
  • Eurochocolate, Perugia, Italy: Free samples and amazing chocolate sculptures will astonish you during the visit to the streets of Perugia filled with unique stalls.
  • Landeau Chocolate, Lisbon, Portugal: Definitely try the chocolate cake, which is the only think on the menu: it is said to be incredibly tasty! This Lisbon landmark should be noted on your to-do list when visiting the Portuguese capital.


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