The Ultimate Summer Problem: Sweat

The Ultimate Summer Problem: Sweat

Sweating, as you know, is the production of fluids secreted by the sweat glands in our skin. Now that it is summer and the weather is crazy hot, you might have become a victim of the sweaty problem. I have been astonished with the fact that some girls just do not get sweaty: I do not know if that is healthy or has to do with some other issue in their organism, but they just do not what little struggles sweaty girls have to face every day.

So what are the daily problems that sweaty girls encounter and need to constantly battle?

  1. Makeup? Oh, no. The ultimate torture is to hide the shiny skin under matt powder and makeup bases. However, just a drop or two of extra moisturizer can cause the whole look to drool over your face. Eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara: it can all be ruined within an hour in the summer heat. Not to mention that certain products are not quite long-lasting and just disappear. Even the best setting spray or primer cannot help you out sometimes, so just let it go and be natural.
  2. Handshakes can be a nightmare for sweaty girl. Yes, they are required when you are being introduced and meeting someone new, but you dread them as the other person will feel the extra moisture on your palms.
  3. Choosing your outfit can be more difficult than it seems. Finding an outfit that will not reveal your “sweaty” secrets can be hard. You avoid grays and light nudes as they will tell the world you feel hot. White, black or patterned tops are the best. The other option is to make sure they are wide as opposed to tightly pressing your armpits. You constantly have to try your best, so that your shirt does not touch your wet skin because of two reasons: first, it gets embarrassing, and second, the laundry afterwards is a hard job. A small trick we recommend is to use lemon juice to get rid of those nasty sweat stains!
  4. As tank tops are one of the best options for sweaty girls, you probably need to take some extra time to make sure your arm pits look their best. Hair removal obviously needs to be a well done procedure, but your pits’ pigmentation and overall health is also important.
  5. If you suffer from the sweat problem, you might have also become used to the slicked-back look in terms of your hairstyle. Your ponytail, strategically high so that it does not touch your sweaty skin, can still get a little wet-looking. Never mind, it is a huge trend right now!

So what are some DIY natural remedies that might help you with underarm sweating? We have three options for you:

  • It might sound weird, but drinking a glass of tomato juice every day can be helpful. Maybe in a week or two you will notice some difference. Also, you can apply some of the tomato pulp on your under arms for ten to fifteen minutes. Seems easy, so it is worth the try!
  • Apple cider vinegar is another product that is available in your kitchen, but can help you out with sweating. Soak a cotton swab in the vinegar and dab it onto your underarms. It has antibacterial properties that might decrease any unpleasant smells or infections, or even excessive sweating!
  • Tea tree oil is a great product for acne-prone skin, but also for sweaty armpits, apparently. A few drops of the oil rubbed on your armpits can be helpful if you repeat the treatment every day, before spraying deodorant. Tea tree oil has natural astringents and can show results in about a week, hopefully.

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