Tips For Fitness Novices

Tips For Fitness Novices

Nobody comes into this world taught. We all have to start at some point start learning things. That’s why you should take advices from people who already know one or two things about the adventure you are going through. Today I want to talk about health and more specifically, about the sport. I’ll not take your time to explain you how important it is to move your body, because this is a well known fact. Instead, I will give you some tips, which will help you stay motivated while you are only a freshman in this world and these tips will help you create a habit that will stay forever.

I will narrow down the sports to fitness. Let’s talk about fitness and how to behave as a novice. Let’s get started:

  • You have to make the workouts part of your life. The first and most simple thing to do is to make a schedule. The second and hardest thing to do is to follow this schedule. Believe me, it is much easier to follow a plan when you have that plan written on a piece of paper or you have it in your phone. Tick off the tasks of the day and when your pen skip to tick the Workout box you will feel guilty and you will never make that mistake again.
  • Follow the rule 80/20. Twenty percent of your time will give 80 percent of the results. The trick is to use your time perfectly in order to achieve fast and great results. When you workout in the gym, don’t make long breaks, fill in every minute with activities and dynamic behavior.
  • Best results will be achieved with a good combination between workouts and healthy eating. There are many ways to eat healthy and you have to find the one that is most comfortable for you. First of all, you have to define what is your goal – weight gaining or weight losing. Then adjust the eating plan with this goal. For instance, if you want to lose some weight, you can come home after a workout and eat a huge, fat burger with fried chips.
  • Another addition to the combination of food and exercises is the good and healthy sleep. It is important to have your body well rested. When the strengths are restored, the results will be better. If you have problems with the sleeping, then will come and other problems like mood blues, changes in the hormones and even hunger cravings, and these factors are capable of ruining your hard work.
  • Don’t force yourself to do something that you can’t enjoy. Adjust your workout plan according to your comfort zone while you catch the rhythm of the exercises. Do the routine with joy. It is important to hurry up to the gym because you want to be there and workout, not because you must do it.
  • The last trick that will help you stick to that habit is to use your vanity as a weapon. Buy gorgeous sporting outfits that will make you look amazing and be sure that these clothes will make you show them off all the time. So, dress up and go to a run!

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