Travel Hotspot Destinations for 2015

Travel Hotspot Destinations for 2015

As the New Year has arrived, we have all made New Year Resolutions and revised our bucket lists. There is an idea that the best thing to spend your money is traveling since it teaches you lots, leaves you with amazing memories and lets you experience fantastic things while broadening your horizons. You may think that traveling requires a lot of cash, but fortunately low cost airlines and cheap accommodation can be found in many places around the world. Besides, you can always travel within your own country: there are probably plenty of beautiful or fun places (or both!) just a few miles away.

However, if you are a traveling enthusiast, you definitely need to do your research and save up for amazing journeys. Some of them may require more time, money and preparation, while others can be near you and will require a lot less. Nevertheless, take a look at this list of hotspot destinations for the New Year!

  • After the diplomatic relations between Cuba and America have been resurrected slowly, this means traveling to Cuba will soon become a lot easier and popular. The country has a lot to offer with its old-school charm and great history. Even though it is not fully developed and ready to satisfy every tourist’s needs, it will definitely capture your attention with its unique atmosphere!
  • The next destination on our list is not a very newly found place, but is indeed a place not to be missed: Malaga! The birthplace of Picasso will become an art hotspot this year since a branch of the St Petersburg State Russian Museum will open. Not only is it at the seaside, so you will be able to enjoy warmth and sun, but the beautiful cathedrals, warm Spanish culture, great food and stunning historic sites (the Alacazaba –a fortress, Castillo de Gibralfaro, or the Roman Theater, for instance) will capture your attention!
  • As we have began talking about European hotspot, we cannot miss two French jewels: Marseille and Lyon. On one hand, Marseille has proven to be a great destination as it was named European Capital of Culture in 2013. The boutiques, the restaurants and the historic sites are all amazing, and definitely do not skip La Friche Belle de Mai, a former factory that was transformed into a place with studios, exhibition spaces, theaters and cinemas where the city’s rap and hip-hop heritage is praised. On the other hand, Lyon is the place for every gastronome. Besides the food, the art galleries and designer boutiques will make every woman interested. The art and music venues are also impressive, so if you are heading to France, do not stick to Paris only: yes, it is amazing, but there is much more to French cities than the capital!
  • The hobbit-related destination on our list, New Zealand, has a lot more to offer than being the place where the Lord of the Rings was filmed! If you love nature and hiking, for instance, definitely go on a trip around New Zealand: you will be impressed with its beautiful landscapes!
  • The North American destination on our list is indeed Memphis, Tennessee. It is the hotspot for music lovers in 2015! During the year, there will be two new music museums opened: Blues Music Hall of Fame in May and Memphis Music Hall of Fame. Besides, the fans of rock’n’roll, blues and soul will always feel at home there!

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