Trendy Colors For Your Winter Shoes

Trendy Colors For Your Winter Shoes

There are some places, where the winter is hitting with its maximum power. And these places require some serious clothing armor. And in my opinion, the shoes are the most important piece of the winter outfit, because when my feet are warm and protected from the wet and icy cold snow, my whole body feels comfortable and safe.

But there is one issue. The common opinion is that the warm boots are ugly looking. But that’s not true at all. There are a lot of models that look small and flatter your feet, while fully keep them warm. For instance, choose leather, ankle boots, with a lot of fur on the inside. If you live in a place where the snow is a common occurrence, you should invest a little bit more money in one nice pair of boots, especially if you walk a lot and don’t use any kind of transport to school or work. I think that the models of the boots are pretty clear, but what about the colors. I’d like to talk a little bit more about the colors of the winter shoes. The colors which are trendy enough to talk about them.

Let’s start with the most famous one – the brown. Almost every shade of the brown can be seen, organized at the showcases of the stores. Orange-like, classic brown, dark, light, beige and so on. The brown is here to stay the whole winter.

A color that is a little bit off the spotlight is the gray. I rarely see gray winter shoes, maybe because of the brown trend, where almost everything is brownish and you can’t match your favorite, brown coat with gray boots.

The black color will be always on the runways, that’s why I won’t even talk about it.

But the color that I really want to mention is the burgundy. This color is darker than the red one, but it is also intense, romantic and stylish, and it allows a lot of possible combinations with it. Burgundy suede boots, combined with dark blue coat is one of my favorite combinations.

These colors, of course are just recommended, you can wear whatever you want and whatever you like, no one is commanding you to follow certain rules about your personal style and preferences. The trends are here just to inside us to create our own vision for the fashion and to help us choose among the huge variety of models, colors and designs. Just be yourself and wear what you like, that’s the best advice that I am allowed to give you. Have fun and stay tuned for our releases about fashion and what is trendy now. Have fun!

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