Unhealthy Habits that Ruin Your Immune System

Unhealthy Habits that Ruin Your Immune System

How often do you get ill? Yes, sometimes even the healthiest people become victims of viruses spreading during the winter season; however, if you are prone to illness, then maybe you are physically weak. In order to be healthy most of the time, your whole lifestyle needs to be carefully built. After all, you do not want to be missing university, school or work due to being sick often and spend tons of money on expensive, but effective medication. Every organism is unique, but it is also build to control and organize the effective functioning of your immune system. If it is in a good condition, you will be more energetic and productive and be able to achieve much more. Weak immune system is usually a result of a bad lifestyle. It is better to take precautions then to have to cure yourself every month.

It might sound strange to the more skeptic people among you, but pessimistic attitudes can have a great impact on your immune system. Psychologists claim that the mental health of your organism has a great impact on its physical state. People who have a negative attitude towards the world usually get ill more often than optimists. The lack of belief in your own abilities and the constant worries and anxiety can make people less resistant to stress and different illnesses. Focus on positive thoughts and the overall quality of your life will be improved.

Also, the constant intake of various medications can have not only benefits, but also drawbacks. Lots of people intake a great number of medicines when they are ill in order to solve their health issues, but they forget that one in every three medications have bad side effects. Some pharmaceutical products can stimulate your immune system and help it fight viruses successfully. However, long-term therapies with medications and the excessive use of antibiotics can exhaust your immune system. If you get sick, consult a doctor first and carefully follow his instructions. Do not intake too much antibiotics since they can damage your organism. They kill both good and bad bacteria in your body, after all.

The next bad habit is drinking warm water too often. It is a strange one, we agree, but it can have bad side effects. During the cold months many people suffer from chronic pains in the throat and problems with the digestive system, so they refuse to drink cold beverages. Warm (but not too hot!) water in the form of tea, for instance, is a good idea when you have a sore throat or problematic digestive system, but it can also seriously damage your immune system. If you consume only warm water for months, your body will become extremely sensitive to low temperatures and your immune system will have a harder time adjusting to the cold weather. That can lead to you being ill too often.

Last but not least, it is important to remember the value of personal hygiene. Children are taught from a very early age that they have to wash their hands with soap every time before they eat, for instance. Nevertheless, adults often neglect this habit as they grow older. Especially with the excessive usage of your cell phone or laptop (which attracts lots of bacteria!) we risk our health when we are not careful about personal hygiene. Simply wash your hands every time you go home, after you have used your phone or computer, or before meals to prevent your immune system from being at risk.

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