Welcome to The Curly World: 5 Easy Curls Hacks

Welcome to The Curly World: 5 Easy Curls Hacks

Every girl wants the one thing that she can’t have. Let’s start with the simple things – the type of hair. The ones with straight hair want curly hair and the other, who have curly hairs, try to get straight hair locks. Today I want to talk about the first group of girls, because I am in that group and I know a lot of things about getting curly hair. I’ll give show you 5 life hacks that will make your daily routine easier for the moments when you want to have your hair wavy. These hacks will be very helpful during the summer, because the beach waves is a hairstyle that is a huge trend every year during the warm seasons. So, take a look at these hacks and use them if you want:

  • Make the wavy texture of the hair while you dry it out with the hair dryer after the shower. Take a large strand of the hair, twist it and blow it with the dryer. Remember, press the cool button of the dryer. Apply this technique for the whole hair. You can even apply a stylizing mousse before the blow-dry. The mousse will hold the waves last longer.

hack 1

  • The next hack will need a flat iron. Pinch the hair strand and twist the flat iron in order to fold the hair. But first, apply thermal protector in order to prevent any deep damage from the iron.

hack 2


  • If your hair is short, you can try the trick with the salty water for natural looking beach waves. Mix in a spray bottle some sparkling water and sea salt and shake until the ingredients mix together nicely, then spray the hair and squeeze it with one hand. This will create the wavy texture.



  • This one is easy – split your hair into a regular braid and press the braid with the flat iron.


  • Last one – wrap the strand with metal, kitchen foil and heat it up with the flat iron.

hack 5

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