What is Left Behind the Cameras During Any Award Ceremony

What is Left Behind the Cameras During Any Award Ceremony

Do you find yourself watching all the glamor and fuss around any awards through the year? Probably you do like over viewing all the pictures from the red carpet and commenting on the style of the celebrities. Then there is the ceremony and people come out to announce awards and it is fun and touching and everything you can imagine. We all love the whole thing going on and we probably will continue watching it and imagining being there or walking the red carpet. But no matter what you imagine, you can never know what is really going on there, unless you were present. Do you want all the secrets?

Beverly Hilton Hotel

Want to become part of the whole ceremony and after-party process? The best way to achieve that is by being a guest at the hotel. You should just book a room in advance. Then wander casually (ot far better dressed for success) through the lobby.

4 hours early?

When do you think everything around the red carpet starts? When the celebrities arrive? No, not really. All of the journalist are in place at least 4 hours earlier. There is loads of security. Everyone important except the nominated actors is in place around hour and a half earlier.

Arrival times

Have you ever imagined being in one of those limos or sports cars, arriving, looking yourself for the last time in the mirror and stepping out the car with some beautiful shoes? I know I have! But the celebs walking the red carpet, can’t just hop on a car and arrive whenever you feel like it. The whole arriving times is well planned out further back in time before the event. Publicist and event planners decide those things. The biggest the stars – the latest they arrive. The ones most talk is expected on appear in front of everyone’s eyes just right before the show.

Dinner/no dinner

At some of the award shows there is no food served or any drinks for that matter (the Oscars are like that). At other event though – like the Golden globes, there is dinner served and champagne and chocolates are going around the room the whole time. Noticed the difference in everyone’s mood during the two different events? Now you know why.

Commercial breaks equal craziness

While there are commercial people go around the room and talk and socialize. It is such a mess that there is a person on loudspeaker who has to make everyone get back into their seats. Sometime around the end of the show there is a party going on in the room, rather than any ceremony.

The Golden Globe statues

Well, they are just lined up on a table right by the stage. There is no heavy security or anything. They just stand alone until it is time to award someone with them. Well with a bit more luck of you being backstage you could potentially touch a Golden Globe award!

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