What To Wear To A Cocktail Party

What To Wear To A Cocktail Party

Cocktails are those events you have to pamper up to go to. They are like art for the fashion shows. There are different types of cocktails. Some opt for more casual clothing. And others need more elegant and almost black tie attire. There is one thing that could always work for a cocktail partythe LBD. But if you need to take it to the next level, here are some ideas for you.

Party Pants

Sometimes pants can be, the better choice. Not only because they could be more comfortable, but also you might stand out of the crowd, way more than if you just wear a dress. But kind of pants should you put on, so that you are up to the level of the event? One of the easiest and best option is to find a jumpsuit. It could be wide leg or skinny, depending on what your body type and likes are. Also you could find a jumper that is already a little bit on the high end, so that you only need shoes and nothing more. Another option, but a bit harder, because you have to choose a top and a bottom, is to go for some high waist pants that are wide legged and probably it is a good option to either go for white or a very bold color.

Two Pieces

Who said that your attire should contain from only one piece? A dress or a jumpsuit is great, but this way you could have more diversity. A dress shirt, that you love could be complimented by many things. Once you have that one sorted out go for the other piece. You could choose a structured pencil skirt. Another option is a long skirt. But don’t forget to combine with heels. They are the only thing that will really compliment and uplift your style. Depending on your blouse your skirt could be tight or not. If your blouse is form fitting, go for a maxi skirt. If not – go for the pencil skirt.

Color pop

Bold, on bold, on bolder would be the perfect thing for a cocktail night. First of all most people prefer black or safe color combinations. Also usually people tend to stick to small accessories. But why should you? Don’t bore yourself and everyone around. Go bold and don’t be afraid of strange combinations. For example, if you have decided to go with a blue dress, why stick to blue, black or nude shoes? Go for oxblood red. Or any red. Combine with red manicure and lipstick and then add something more, but not overwhelming in red – like a ring. This way you won’t be just the typical woman.

Don’t show too much skin

So let’s say it like that – too much skin is never good. If you dress for example, is backless, try to add a shawl or a blazer. This would make you and everyone around you more comfortable. If a dress is backless for example, it shouldn’t also be short and has a big cleavage. Of course, there are no rules when we talk about cocktails, but you shouldn’t make the people around you feel uncomfortable or anything like that. Just feel good in your own skin, without throwing it out there.


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