Why Celebrities Look So Great

Why Celebrities Look So Great

We all watch them on the red carpet, or in different shows, interviews. We have favorites among them. We admire their beauty, style and behavior. Sometimes we judge their behavior (yes, I’m talking to you, Miley), but the most common question is: Why I can’t look as stunning as Jennifer Aniston? And the answer is: Because you are not a celebrity.

Let’s discuss the topic “Why celebrities look so great”, are you ready?

First of all, I should start with the opinion of the people. In the first place we just have accepted the celebrities that way – we think of them like they are some kind of gods or something like that. They are icons and muses for many ordinary people, while (in fact) they are as ordinary as us, but some of them are gifted with talent, which makes them well known and famous. But some others have no talent at all and they are still idols. Maybe the people’s opinion make the celebrities look so perfectly amazing, and maybe not?

After the common opinion of the celebrities’ glory, comes their behavior and PR agents. You know that the good people look really beautiful once you know them right, and then you forget about the physical appearance. Many PR agencies know that and help the celebrities to create a character that the people will love and cherish. But when a certain famous person starts to act stupid, he/she could cause the opposite effect. The balance is very fragile.

Then comes the look. Don’t believe on any picture you see on the internet. There is one very successful business these days and it’s called – Photo Retouch. There a lot of softwares, like Photoshop, which work hard for the celebrities. And that’s not all, what about the natural photoshop? The people who are responsible for their makeup, hairstyles, nail designs, clothing choice, body instructors and so on. Many celebrities have a whole team who works only for their good look, no, not good – flawless look! The makeup is not the deepest layer, the plastic surgery is. Many celebrities, both men and women, have at least one body part that is touched by the light of the scalpel.

Once you become famous, your great look is one of your job description. And that’s the reason why you can’t have their glow, because you have another job, you have a personal life, problems and happy moments, which allows you to live your life at its highest level, without a worry about your mascara or sloppy clothes.

I know that for many of you these facts are not new, but I want to give you something to calm you down. I’m affected by the vanity among young people, who spend hours of precious time in front of mirrors and hundreds of dollars for makeup products or plastic surgery. You can be beautiful without those things. All you need is to enjoy the small things in life, like the sunrise, or the breakfast that your mom made for you, or the laughter of your friends and the purr of your cat. These things will make you happier than ever, at least they make me happy.

Have fun and enjoy your life!


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