Why Do Good Relationships End?

Why Do Good Relationships End?


Have you every looked at a celebrity couple or a couple you know only a little bit and you think how they seem perfect for each other? Yes, it is all roses, rainbows and sunshine until someone gets hurt. Even the best relationships can end, sometimes under the pressure of circumstances, sometimes because of very abstract reasons. When we look at these perfect couples who break up, we wonder: “What happened? What could have possibly separated those two?” Well, as surprising it is, good relationships end because of a number of reasons, have a look at some of them and take notes, if you do not want to follow them down the path of breakup:

  • Different values and priorities can be a huge deal-breaker in a relationship. Even if there is amazing passion between two people, they love spending their time together and even have similar hobbies and interests, if one of them values their career more than their personal relationship, a happy future is highly unlikely. Do not rush into relationships when you have not discussed how much this person prioritizes their professional development or starting your family: otherwise, in the end, there could be a lot of bitterness.
  • The second reason is similar and it is related to two people being at a different stage of their lives. Man and woman develop differently; but even if you are not a fan of the gender division and such broad conclusions, each person’s biological (and psychological even!) clock has its own pace. One person might be ready to get married and have children at the age of twenty-two, while another may not feel mature even when he or she is thirty years old. Before you get too committed and waste years on building a relationship, make sure that you get to know the person and see how he or she is developing and whether their maturity fits yours.
  • Also, as soon as trust is destroyed, there is hardly a way to come back to the happy couple you once were. Cheating is difficult to overcome, even though in our modern times there are people who are a lot more open-minded and forgivable. Nevertheless, do not waste too much time in trying to repair trust: if you are not able to forgive soon, then it is not going to happen over the course of months or even years.
  • When there is a huge difference of lifestyle of two people who are in a relationship, that can often lead to bad things. Yes, it is true that some people need their small private world and want to keep it even if they are with someone. However, if one of you loves going and enjoying attending lots of events, while the other prefers to stay home in front of the TV, that could soon become a problem. One of the people will have to compromise and do not feel comfortable. Or the other possibility is that the two people can grow apart exactly because of the less time they spend together. Also, if one of the people likes spending lots of the money they have earned and the other one is frugal, there could be lots of fights arising from that. Acknowledge your differences in lifestyle, discuss them and make sure no one holds a silent grudge until it all blows up in your face.

And remember: if two people are meant to be together, they will. If not, it is better not to dwell on the past and look into the future without any fears and regrets!


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