Why is Your Workout Regime Not Giving Results?
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Why is Your Workout Regime Not Giving Results?

In some parts of the world summer has already arrived, in others – the hot weather season lasts all year long. Nevertheless, the real motivation for most women to get fit and incorporate a healthy eating regime into their routine is here – beaches and bikinis. We all want to have a flat stomach, firm thighs, no loose skin, as a whole – a shaped body. However, in order to achieve the figure you desire, whether you prefer to have a sexy booty or you like skinnier, muscular body shapes, you need to be consistent and hard-working.

There are tons of rules that you need to follow in order to achieve visible results. Your motivation should not only be based on vanity: think about the health benefits and the overall feeling of energy and work ability. You might think you are doing everything right, but what if your efforts are going to waste because of some small mistakes? Check out a few reasons why your workout might not be as successful as expected:

  • You are simply not pushing yourself enough. In the beginning, your workouts might be shorter and less intense. However, keep in mind that you need to change them as time goes on, as you will be getting into shape. If you workout four times a week, for example, add five more minutes of exercises every three or four weeks. You need to feel tired and push yourself in order to achieve better results.
  • Your body posture is not the one you should be maintaining. Even if you have chosen the right exercises for yourself, your body posture should be the right one in order to obtain good results.
  • You are focusing on cardio too much. You need to do a significant amount of cardio in order to burn that fat, but you should not stick only to it in your fitness routine. Weight training is actually great and do not worry, you will maintain your femininity. Muscles will be a lot more toned and your body will be better shaped if you add versatility to your exercise program.
  • Your diet is not adjusted to your new lifestyle. You may have heard that the road towards a strong, fit body depends 80% on diet and 20% on exercise, so your food choices are more important than you have expected. Consult with a nutritionist if you are trying to lose weight. If you are simply trying to be healthier and just want to lose a few pounds, do your research on the Internet. Check out what good pre- and post-workout snack ideas are and which foods are good for fat loss.
  • You are focusing on one area of your body and neglecting another. If you want to lose belly fat, you can focus on it in the begging, but try to balance lower and upper body exercises throughout the week. After all, you want your whole body shape to be great, right?
  • You are not getting enough rest and your body cannot retain power. You should not only craft your workout routine and be consistent, but also let your body relax enough. Get as much sleep as possible (the optimal amount is eight hours) and leave some days for rest, with no significant physical activity. After all, muscles need to repair themselves.
  • You are not hydrating your body enough. Yes, we are talking about the importance of drinking water once again. Sports drinks can be very tasty, but water remains the best option. Your body gets tired faster if you are not hydrated!
  • You are not changing up your workout program. Not only do you need to change the amount of time you are working out for, but also the exercises. New routines will keep you interested and motivated. Also, different workouts have different benefits. Go for Yoga as opposed to weights once in a while to improve flexibility.

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