Why You Must Get Rid of Toxins

 Why You Must Get Rid of Toxins

It’s a well-known fact that many of the products we use (eat, drink, apply) are unhealthy and have high levels of toxins, which has a certain negative effect on our bodies. Another issue that is capable of putting toxins in our bodies is the polluted environment, the air we breathe. That’s why we have to search ways to get the toxins out of our systems.

We have to “clean” our bodies at least twice a year. The detoxification can be easily translated as an organism restart. Removing the toxins can lead to leveling up the energy, balancing the hormones and improves digestion and calms the adrenals from all the work it has done dealing with the toxins we fill in our bodies. As an additional effect of detoxification is the feeling of lightness and increased self-esteem. Down here you can find 5 reasons of the great benefits after the detoxification, take a look:

  • Cleaned organism equals less stress. Our favorite sins – coffee, sugar, alcohol are overwhelming the adrenals, which leads to fatigue and stress. Healthy adrenals help the body to deal with the daily stress. How to achieve this? It’s easy – drink fresh juices and green bio smoothies, green tea is a great choice too.
  • Emotional release. Once the toxins are out of your body you will notice how energetic you will feel, which will lead to lack of depressive and bad thoughts. Emotions like anger, pain, stress are also toxic. They build up in the body and creates depression, blue moods and loneliness. These build ups of bad feeling are capable of unlocking diseases. Yoga is one of the remedies for emotional release. The Mother Nature is the greatest doctor of them all. Take a walk in the deep park, or just stare at a waterfall or the ocean, all these activities have great effect on the bad emotions release.
  • Free your mind. You have to make room for new adventures and possibilities, but if you are stuck in the past, you will never be able to move on and conquer your life.
  • Increase the vibrations. When we eat and live in a healthy way our vibrations in the broadcasting of life are becoming stronger and better. The energy received from the better food transforms into positive energy. If we are closer to the nature, we increase the chances of being healthy and strong.
  • Find yourself. Ancient people purify their bodies with bio juices and teas. The bad energy, created by the bad food, reacts like wall to the energy. After the detoxification we feel free and capable of realizing out identity and our life purpose. You will see that you will start to think more about the future and the progress you want to achieve.

So, drink healthy juices, walk among the nature and stay positive. All you need for a successful life!

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