Why You Should Spend Less Time on Social Media

Why You Should Spend Less Time on Social Media

Facebook first appeared in 2004, Instagram was launched in 2010 and Twitter was created in 2006. These are only three of the most famous social media apps and websites. Social media has become one of the most exciting, life-changing and significant phenomenon of the 21st century. People like Mike Zuckerberg are not just entrepreneurs or computer specialists: he is a celebrity, a pop icon, a person who has changed so many lives.

Social media has a great impact on society, on culture, even on politics. But when it comes to our personal lives, it has become a great part of it too. I remember how before people would not just take a video or a picture and instantly post it through their smartphone. However, nowadays we share and we observe more than ever. There is a big controversy whether social media is a good or bad thing when it comes to its psychological effects. In this article, we will argue why it is a good idea to spend less time on social media that you are already spending!

  • It makes you focus on others a lot more than it is healthy and you forget about yourself. Tons of research has shown that social media usage can lead to anxiety, or low self-esteem. There has been a real condition identified: Social Media Anxiety Disorder. It occurs when a person spends significant amount on social media, thinks about other people’s lives too much and becomes too conscious about their own. Comparing yourself to others is rarely a good thing as some people do not use the comparison as motivation to work harder, but become too critical of themselves. If you limit the people you “stalk” on Facebook or Instagram, you will become more focused on your own ambitions and achievements.
  • You begin to have a distorted vision of reality and of people when you spend too much time on social media. Websites and apps can help every person create whatever personality they want. They can edit their pictures or post things selectively, so that they portray themselves in a specific way. Do not take everything you see on social media for a real thing: it can be an absolute lie!
  • Your relationships and interactions with other people can suffer a lot because of social media. As opposed to talking, laughing and actually hugging someone, you might be spending too much time scrolling down Facebook or sending Snapchats. That is not real interaction. Of course, you can use social media to share your experiences and boost the communication with people who are far away, but do not turn down meeting your friends because you think Instagram will be a lot more fun.
  • Your life is too public sometimes if you do not know just how much it is appropriate to share. That can actually be dangerous. If your future employer or just a crazy stalker gets hold of information that you should not have shared, you might get in trouble. Think about that next time you tag yourself somewhere.
  • You can do so many other things that are a lot healthier or beneficial for you than browse on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Playing sports, reading a book, doing volunteer work or just spending your time with your family can be a lot better than spending time on social media. What do you actually get from that: education, new skills, happiness? Probably not. Lock your phone or close your laptop and start doing something that will enrich your knowledge and make you a better person.

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