Why You Should Watch The Flight Attendant
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Why You Should Watch The Flight Attendant

We live in times when the traveling is one of the easiest ways to reach a certain destination. It is fast and cheap to fly in a plane, but there is a small risk of course (keep in mind that the risk of having a car accident is bigger than having a plane crash). After all, the plane crash is more dangerous than the car accident and you should know a few tricks that might help you survive a plane crash. You must watch and listen to the flight attendants. They are not there only to help you with the beverages, they are highly qualified and they can actually help you. So, here are some secrets for the flight attendants which will make you respect them more:

Did you know that the good appearance of the flight attendants is only a tradition and the contemporary airlines don’t require such a quality when they gather their crew. This tradition has left because of a stewardess manual since 1957, which is a list that tells you the perfect character of a flight attendant: not married, under 125 pounds. But today, the requirements are guided much stronger to the personality of the person than his/her look.

The turbulence is not something that must frighten you much. Yes, it is not comfortable, but most of the times it felts like a bumpy road. But if you are concerned anyway, just watch the flight attendants, if they sit down and lock their belts, then you should do the same. When they walk freely to calm the passengers, then the intensity of the bumps won’t harm you, but the bumpy road is getting pretty serious when the flight attendants are down, secured with their belts.

 Another reason that should convince you to respect more the flight attendants is because they have won their place with hard work and they have been chosen among many other people who wanted to be flight attendance. I don’t know how familiar you are with the statistics, but the airlines have a lower acceptance rate than Harvard’s. For instance, Harvard received 35,023 applications for the 2017 class and they accepted only 2,000, at the same time, a well known airline received 44,000 applications and they accepted only 400 of them. I think that there is no need of high skills in math to realize that the difference is huge.

If you are feeling nervous, ask for help the flight attendant. The crew knows everything about the plane, every strange noise that you hear, every strange shake, just everything. And when you share your concerns, the flight attendant will be glad to explain all she or he knows. And this might ease your nervous feelings.

There is one moment of a flight attendants’ behavior that must prepare you for the worst – when they turn quite. The crew is trained to use 30 seconds to remind their safety training, think about what they should do, how they can help, etc. So, if you notice that the flight attendant is simply looking outside the window and quietly thinking for more than just a second, then you should start to think about emergency scenarios too.

Water is the answer of any trouble. Sometimes the flight attendants have to work for many hours up in the air and they might look tired, but the trick to look fresh is to drink constantly a lot of water. So, if you are feeling a little bit blue too, make sure that you have enough water in your bottle to make it through the flight.

Just be careful and hope that nothing will happen with your plane. Be safe

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